My Babybel Challenge

A little while ago I got into a conversation with @BabybelUK on twitter. As a joke (I think), they wanted to know if people would make anything out of the wax off the cheese!

So I made figures of me and Charlie.


They were so impressed with my modelling skills, that they asked me if I could make them a giraffe!

A giraffe that Mr Attenborough himself could mistake for a real one!

Well, I rather liked the idea, and I do like a challenge! So I accepted. But, I thought it would take rather a lot of Babybels to make a giraffe!!!

Me and Mom have been eating quite a few of the little cheeses recently, and have been collecting the wax from each one.

But we still do not have enough!

So today, I was really happy when I saw the delivery van stop outside my house!


A big parcel arrived from Babybel! They had decided, very kindly, to help me with my wax collection.


Mom was very pleased of course, and I was chuffed to bits because now we should soon have enough wax for the giraffe!

I am going to use this one as a model.


I hope they like it! I shall do my very best!

Paws crossed!



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