Ewok No More

This morning Charlie looked like an Ewok. Or a very small Chewbacca. His ears had shrunk into his fur and his feet were just fluffballs on the ends of his legs.

I think he rather likes being mistaken for a macho actor.

(Hilarious huh)

But, unbeknown to him, Mom had booked him in to see Helen at the groomers this morning, to sort out his shaggy ewokness.

He doesn’t really like being groomed.

I think he feels that its not very manly. I keep telling him that male grooming is all the rage these days but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t believe me.

He says real men have furry chests.

At the groomers, Charlie got plonked in the bath regardless of his opinion on hairy men. So he sighed, smiled and pretended to enjoy himself as usual.

He had his bath without too much trouble, but with plenty of wriggling.

He even modelled the pink thing.

He did not look very manly.

After dancing around with the hairdryer and the very wriggly haircut, (Helen has the patience of a saint) Charlie had a quick spray of cologne and came home.

I ran over to check him out

Yes. He smells like flowers.

Very macho. (Not)

But I have to admit he looks fabulous. Well done Helen.

Hairy chests aren’t everything Charlie.



Charlies Faces

Charlie is my brother and I loves him. I think he has the face of an angel, but a lot of people say that he looks grumpy an awful lot even when he isn’t! He can’t help it, it’s just the face he was given!

The many faces of Charlie!













He can look grumpy but he has a pretty neat smile too!!!


Where Did He Go?

We have had a mystery in our house for the past month or so, which has finally been explained! Late at night, just before Mom and Dad go to bed, me and Charlie go outside for last minute garden duty.

A few times, Charlie has disappeared!

It’s very strange because our garden is completely fenced in, and there is no way even someone as teeny as Charlie could escape!


The first time this happened, Mom panicked! She ran around in the dark, poking under every bush, calling his name really loudly, but he was nowhere to be seen! He was gone for about five minutes, then just as Mom was pulling her hair out, he suddenly reappeared by the back door, looking very nervous!

He had a very sheepish look on his face!

Mom cuddled him, and made a big fuss about how glad she was to see him, as you do! I was just glad I could go to sleep at last!

A few weeks  later, it happened again!

Mom and Dad searched everywhere, but couldn’t find him. I rolled my eyes, I knew where he was but I didn’t say anything, I wanted to see what happened!

Just as Mom was getting cross, Charlie appeared from the direction of the garage.

I say garage, but it is more like a half tumbledown shed, full of lots of weird and wonderful smelling things. Mom didn’t see him emerge from the small hole in the door, but I did!

Mom only spotted him as he ran towards the back door and grabbed him quick. She picked him up and took him inside to bed, making a big fuss of him again.

The next day, Mom and Dad checked all around the garden but couldn’t see any holes in the fence, which is very high. There is no way he could have got over it, even I couldn’t jump that high!

They looked more than a bit puzzled.

This happened a few more times, not very often, but now and then, and eventually Dad caught him coming out of the garage! He told Mom and they decided to have a tidy up in the morning.

The next day was Sunday, and they spent the whole day emptying the garage and cleaning it. They threw out lots of stuff that was old and musty, but looked interesting, and stacked everything else in tidy piles down the sides or on the shelves.

There were summer chairs, garden tools, a huge wood pile and lots of plant pots, even a bicycle! Me and Charlie had a good sniff of everything, before it was all put away.

Nothing happened for a while, but then Charlie disappeared again!

Mom and Dad went straight into the garage with their torches but he was nowhere to be seen! They checked the woodpile, no Charlie.

In the end, in desperation, Dad got down on his hands and knees and checked under the tiny cupboard where Mom keeps her plant pots. And there he was! In a tiny little space barely big enough for a mouse! In fact it was so small that Dad couldn’t get him out!

Mom called him, Dad called him, but he stayed put. Mom was getting quite cross by this time, it was very late, and dark, and she wanted to go to bed! But she gave in, and went to the kitchen to get some cheese.

Charlie came straight out for the cheese of course, and we all went to bed.

We don’t know why Charlie goes in that little tiny hole, it is just bare concrete under a wooden cupboard a few inches high! We have never seen any mice in there for him to chase, or anything that smells good, but he seems to just like it!


The door is fixed now, so it won’t happen again, it shall remain a mystery that only Charlie knows the answer to!


So Different

Charlie has lived with us now for four months and I think we are getting used to each other.

When I was an only dog, I spent a lot of time alone and so I had to amuse myself quite a lot. Now I have Charlie to amuse me! He is a funny little thing!

He saves me the bother of barking at anything, after all, why have a Charlie and bark yourself!!



He likes licking feet. Now that is weird! What does he like about feet? Who knows!! I could understand licking hands, if they have been cooking, because then they taste nice, but feet?

I try to play with him sometimes. I make myself look small by dropping my front end, and I wag my tail, but he ignores me. So sometimes I chase him, but then he snarls at me and runs under the table!!

I don’t mind that, maybe it’s his way of playing? But it’s not as much fun as playing chase. He does play with his little teddy, he growls and teases Mom with it, but stops if I try to join in!

However, he is getting better. He doesn’t growl anymore when I sit next to him, and he did lick my leg recently. I’m not sure why, but it was nice!


He sniffs my face sometimes and that feels almost like a kiss! Maybe one day soon he will let me lick his!

I am so looking forward to Christmas with him! I don’t know what his Christmases were like in the past but I’m sure he will enjoy it here! Lots of nice food and happy faces, he might be so happy that he will forget to be grumpy with me!!

I shall wait and see, I shall keep my paws crossed and hope.

All Alone

Today wasn’t my favourite day ever. Partly because it was the ‘every other Tuesday’ that wasn’t Moms day off.

But worse than that, Mom and Dad were both out all day today!

Both of them!

And even worse, they were late getting up, so ran around in a hurry because they had to leave earlier than usual!

Oh yes, we got our breakfast and a quick trot around the block, but then it was just me and Charlie, alone all day!!

It’s very rare that they are both out all day and I have to say,  I DON’T LIKE IT MUCH!


It is much nicer though, now that I have Charlie for company. Even though he still refuses to cuddle me, he is entertaining.

He moves his little bed around the hall, until it is in exactly the spot he fancies, which is a different spot each day!
I have no idea why!

I have tried lying on it, in each place but it doesn’t feel any different! He’s a funny boy!

Also, Charlie trots around sometimes, comes and sniffs me, then goes back to bed. I reckon he is checking that I’m still there. Which means that maybe he does like me a little bit!

Anyway, the day seemed very long, even though I slept for most of it, as usual. It was dark when they came home.


I was so pleased to see them that my tail wouldn’t stop wagging and I nearly knocked them over! They were very pleased to see us too, and we got lots of fuss and treats! Mom said we had been very good. (Though I’m not sure how she knew)

I do think sometimes that maybe you have to be apart for a little while to fully appreciate how wonderful someone is.

Unlucky Charlie

I have to say that I am not enjoying Autumn one bit. It has rained all week and so I’ve stayed indoors more than usual. This got me to thinking.

I don’t enjoy this weather
I don’t like it at all
Although I’ve found a reason
Why I’m happy to be tall.
Charlie’s only little
And I laugh at his bad luck
Because his little tummy
Collects a lot of muck.
He hasn’t got the sense like me
To only walk the path,
And ‘Cos he gets so dirty
He has to have a bath.

He he poor Charlie!

Charlies Haircut

Charlie is used to being groomed I guess but Mom has never had a dog before that needed haircuts! Today is his first time since we had him living with us.

He is looking a bit scruffy at the moment, his hair gets in his eyes and his feet have almost disappeared!


So they went to see Helen at Brackley Dog Grooming to get him tidied up. He didn’t seem to mind the clippers.


He wasn’t quite so keen on the bath. He was very well behaved though while Steph shampooed him.


The hairdyer made him smile though. I think he liked that bit best.


He had lots of fur cut off all over! His ears, legs, feet, tail and even his boys bits!! Mom made sure Helen was very careful with those scissors in that particular area!!


He looked rather pleased with himself at the end. I think he was just glad it was over. He was very keen to come home afterwards, I think he missed me.


A big thank you to Helen and Steph for making Charlie look so smart!

I am just very glad that I don’t have to go and meet them, I hate baths!!