A Whippety Christmas 

Christmas is coming And my stocking is getting fat! Everyone is getting ready for Christmas, including my friends. 

A very good friend of mine, a handsome chap called Winston, has rewritten this lovely festive poem, with his very own whippety paws. I hope you like it as much as I did.

Twas the night before Christmas when all thru the house
Not a Whippet was stirring not even the puppies

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care

In hopes that mommy would fill them with cookies
The whippets were nestled all snug in their kennels

While visions of sausages danced in their bony heads.

and mama in her pjs and imaginary dad in his slippers

had just settled their heads for the long winter nap.
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

Winston sprang from his bed to see what was the matter.

Away to the window he flew like a flash

He threw up the shutters an threw up the sash.
The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow

gave a luster of midday to the objects below.

when what to his keen little sighthound eyes should appear

a miniature sleigh and 8 tiny … SQUIRREL??? HUH???
And then in a twinkling he heard on the roof

The prancing and pawing of each little paw.

On Eli on Surfer on Winston on Sprite

lets get in our fleeces and see whats in the light
The squirrels were all eating their well gathered nuts

But low and behold there wern’t any for us

We looked and we looked with our keen houndie eyes

But alas there was nothing for our whippetty cries
Suddenly the squirrels they stood up and they pranced

They looked like they were preparing an exit at a glance

The houndies all wondered what was going to be next

So they ran down stairs to see what had happened.
They looked all around with their keen beedy eyes

and surely enough they found to their surprise

Through out all the house & under the tree

There were sausages and cookies and they were all just for meeeee …
… Said Winston
Well NOOOO oh nooooo that’s not true they weren’t just for me

So Eli and Surfer & Sprite had to agree

we were having the best houndie christmas we could see

We couldn’t believe how happy were we
we heard the squirrels calling as they flew out of sight

happy christmas to all houndies and to all houndies a good night
“Good night Winston, and Merry Christmas  x”


Charlie Has A Go

I was asked, as a favour, if I would let Charlie have a go at writing a blog. Against my better judgement, and as a favour to Mom who thought it was a nice idea, I let him. Here goes.

Hello everyone!

I finally got a go wiv Bellas compooter and I’m very excited! I have stuff I’d like to say!

Firstly, I may look small but I AM NOT!!

It is a clever disguise! I am really a very big dog, a giant, HUGE macho dog in fact, and I am just pretending to be small. This is all part of my plan.


My plan is top secret of course and I cannot tell you about it without risking World Peace. It’s THAT important. Honest!

Secondly, Bella is not the boss in this house, I am. She just hasn’t realised it yet!!!


Thirdly, I don’t know what all the fuss is about the cat. She is not at all unfriendly with me!

Well, she’s not friendly exactly, but she has never tried to scratch or bite me! In fact she pretends I’m not there, which suits me just fine!

If Bella wasn’t so flippin ‘orrible about Miffy, we would be allowed upstairs and on the big bed at night. It’s so unfair!!

She needs to learn to chill out!!

Fourthly, I think it’s very unfair that I get smaller treats.As I am secretly a big dog, I need more than her surely??

Fifthly. I bark. I do not yap, I bark. And I bark because I have to, who else is going to protect Mom from everything that moves?

Bella is hopeless!

She just lies around all day, totally ignoring zombies walking past the house, making plans to eat Mom! Any one of those zombies could attack if I didn’t scare them away with my ferocious barking!!!

Zombies can take any form, even cats and squirrels could be dangerous! I even saw a zombie disguised as a crisp packet the other day! I jest you not!! The world is a dangerous place!

If it wasn’t for me, who knows what would happen!!

All in all it is a good thing I adopted Mom and Bella last year. They need me to look after them, I wish they appreciated how hard I work to keep them safe, I am never off duty.

I think that is everything.

Back to guard duty.


Mom Has A Say.

Mom gets a fair bit of ridicule for allowing me to have a Twitter account. I don’t see why, but that’s the way it is. So I told her she should explain why.

Bella is right, some people think it is silly to have a pet profile on social media. But what is Twitter for, if not to ‘twitter?’

I will tell you the reason I went on Twitter with my dog.

I first went on as myself. I didn’t know many people who used twitter, so started off by following a few well known people, as you do. Being female and blonde, I was quite quickly followed by men who tweeted stuff I wouldn’t say was “nice”. Also by people who were out to sell, mostly writers, who just pumped out adverts for their books. No one seemed interested in just talking. I had to be careful with what I said too, because of where I work, and who knows what profiles employers check these days.

So I went on with Bella.

I very soon found groups of people who’s animals also have profiles. Some of the Moms are women who have serious jobs, (some have impressive LinkedIn profiles by the way) or who cannot speak freely as themselves due to it being public. You would be surprised how many well known people have animal accounts and how many men.

Anonymity can mean the freedom to just relax and be a bit silly.

A lot of our followers do not not have animal profiles, they are just people who like animals. We have a lot of charities, rescue centres, and businesses, and for some unknown reason, F1 fanatics! They are just normal people who want to interact with other normal people, without any of the nastiness associated with Twitter.
Bella can say what she likes, be as silly as she wants without criticism, and it is fun. We have made a lot of real friends, and have met up with lots of them.


It works so well, that Bella now has pages on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest, and we are addicted!

Go Bella! 



(Now hold on Mom, are you calling me silly???  Pfffttttt!  😉   )



Charlie Has His Say, “Before I Met Bella”

Mom asked me if I would let Charlie write his story. (I think she thought writing might distract him from yapping.) I thought it only fair to let him have a go, so here it is.Charlies Story, Part One

Hello, My name is Charlie. I am a Yorkshire Terrier, and I am a Yappoholic. 

Ha ha, no really, I am a yorkie as I’m sure you all know, and I live now with my big sister Bella. I haven’t always lived here, this time last year I was living with my first Mum. My life was very different then, I lived mostly in one room, a nice comfy room to be fair, but still one room. I had lots of cuddles and tidbits, but I didn’t have much fun. I didn’t go out much, hardly at all really, I spent most of my time on Moms bed with her, having cuddles.

I was there for a long time.

I lived with my first Mom from when I was a puppy until I was five years old. Then one day, all of a sudden, everything changed. Mom was taken away, and I was left alone in my room. I stayed there for a little while, really confused, until a very lovely lady came into my room and said hello to me!.

I ran straight over to her for a fuss and a cuddle, I really didn’t like being alone and so I was very glad to see her. She put a lead on me and chatted to me as she led me outside. How exciting, I thought, I am going for a walk! (back then I rarely had walks, just short trips to the garden to do my business, and not as often as I needed to be honest)

Instead of going for a walk though, she took me over to a car and I immediately jumped inside to investigate! I didn’t notice at first but she had also collected my blanket and my two favourite toys! I was a little surprised when she strapped me to the seat, but she seemed really nice and I was ready for an adventure so I sat there happily.

We drove a little way until we arrived at what was to be my home for the next few weeks.

I was so excited to be there that I forgot to be nervous when I discovered I was to share the lady with three other dogs! I just strolled right in as if I owned the place, we all said hello and that was that. I felt at home immediately. All of these dogs were bigger than me, but I didn’t care! I told them off if they got too rough with me and I wasn’t afraid to nip if neccessary. Even the boss dog Riley!

I loved it there!! I loved it even more when the lady, who I found was called Mary, took me to play in the field for the first time!! I could not believe my luck when she took my lead off.

I had never run free outside before and I went a little crazy!

I ran and ran, with the wind rushing through my overgrown fur and I was in heaven. I ran until I could run no more, while Mary watched me smiling. Eventually I had to stop, and I ran back to her for a cuddle. I had never been so happy.

The next day, she gave me a bath. I was very good for her even though I hate baths, and later when she took me to the groomers, I behaved impeccably. I was used to being groomed, and I always felt better when they tidied my tiny feet. (they are so darned furry), and I have to admit I was a wee bit overgrown at that point!

I loved it there, and once we had all got used to each other I relaxed completely.

I could go out whenever I wanted to and I would cuddle Daisydoo when I liked, and Mary when I needed a human hug. I didn’t really miss my first Mum, as this life was so good compared to how it was before. However I did still like to sleep with my own two toys. They smelt familiar and comfortable.


I met lots of other humans while I was there, and I loved them all! They seemed to like me too, as I got lots and lots of cuddles!

Then one day, Mary put all of us pups into her car and we drove away. On holiday! To a little house right on the beach! It was fabulous, and it became even better when, after a day or two, a car pulled up outside, and out stepped a lady I just knew I was going to love!!

The Tale of Limpy-Jo

This is the story of Harolds cat Limpy-Jo. I haven’t done a cats guest story before, but this is a story of patience and kindness, which goes to prove that perseverance pays off.


Hello, my name is Limpy-Jo and I am a cat with a limp, hence my name.

I have been living here with Mummy and Daddy since 2001, before Harold-Sinatra was even born. Their last dog, Henry-Oliver had gone over the bridge in the September before I arrived. Mummy’s old cat Holly by Golly was still alive then, she was 19 years old!

I had been wandering around, lost and lonely for quite a while and when the lady first called me, I ran away. She put some food out for me because she could see that I was injured, but I was too scared to come out until she went back in the house.

She kept feeding me for 16 months, I heard her say afterwards.she was very patient! I stayed nearby and I waited for the food, but would not let her touch me.

Then one Sunday, I got inside the old car at the bottom of their garden to have a sleep. The window was open and it looked warm and cosy in there!

The man came down the garden to go to his garage, as he was taking some bits off the car before someone came to collect it, but I didn’t know that of course.

He suddenly opened the boot, saw me and said “Hello black cat” and then closed it again! I was so surprised that I didn’t move! I stayed for a while, but he didn’t come back so I went away and hid.

He told Mum he didn’t think that black cat looks very well. They still couldn’t see what was making me limp but they were concerned. That night Mum came, as always, to put food out for me, and as usual she talked to the bushes where I was hiding.

Mum was saying “come on out, we won’t hurt you.”

Well, I thought. They feed me, they don’t chase me away, the man didn’t hurt me when he found me in the car so just maybe it would be okay.

I made up my mind!

I started calling back from the bushes. Mum said “come on little one we won’t hurt you”. I knew I needed help very soon, as I had a collar on, and I had got my paw stuck in it. It was cutting into my skin under my arm, and it was very sore.

It was mid December, pouring with rain and very cold. Poor mum was in her PJs. But she kept on calling me till I came out. Mum put her hand down, I sniffed it and rubbed her leg and then I ate my food.

Mum left me and went to get scissors, and after I had eaten, I let her cut the collar off.

It hurt!

I ran away screaming loudly. The collar had cut into my skin. The clasp had infected me as the skin had started to grow over it. I didn’t know what to do, so about an hour later I came back and sat outside the conservertory door.


They decided to take me in! I thought it was my lucky day but Holly wasn’t very happy about it at first.

They took me to the vet, and I had to have four operations to save my leg. Dad paid out a lot of money to save me, and I am so very grateful. They decided to call me Limpy-Jo.

A year later Holly went over the bridge, and I became an only cat. But not for long.


Harold-Sinatra arrived in January 2006. You may have already heard his story, we are really good friends now. If mummy and daddy hadn’t rescued me, I would not have been able to tell you my story, so thank you to them.I have been microchipped and mum has said that I will never have a collar put on me.

PS I only model scarves. I don’t have one. Mum promised me I wouldn’t.

Winnie’s Story

My name is Winston, a whippet, amd I live in America.

Eight and a half years ago my mum had three dogs … A Basenji and two adopted greyhounds. Willis the Basenji died from a rare auto-immune disease, Blaise passed away soon after from esophageal paralysis*.


Willis, Blaise and Reilly

Mum was left with Reilly the big black grey. She loved them all very much but loved having several pups so she decided to get Reilly a new friend, and she found me!



I lived in Hudson NY at the time with my breeder, which is a little over 100 miles away from where mum lived.

She made the deal and drove out to pick me up one Saturday morning in November, just before our thanksgiving. I was a scared, terrified little thing who needed a lot of training to be made more sociable and less fearful.


Reilly and Me

But I moved right in and fell in love with Reilly and my new Mom, we quickly became a very happy little family.

Within a short space of time though, Mum decided she would really love to have three of us, because we were so easy to look after and wonderful to be with. So she looked Into whippet adoption.

There weren’t any dogs to be had. She called my breeder and was told that there were not very often any whippets that needed rescuing! However, coincidentally, she knew of one that was going to be available in the near future.

It seemed that one of her dogs whom she’d sold to a woman in Maine a couple of years before, was going to need a new home. The owner was ill and was going to need to let her dogs go. 

So mum said “I’ll take her if that happens”.

We waited a couple of weeks, and wouldn’t you know it, that dog became available. It turned out that she was the sister of my real mum, so she was actually my aunt! 

Three months after she got me, we adopted this little girl dog from Maine. At the time she was a mess.  She had been neglected for a while. Her nails were very long. All she owned that was her own, was a filthy old collar, a horrible old fleece and a dirty water bowl.



We picked her up in a town midway between Maine and our house. She sat in the back of the SUV all the way home looking sad and confused. Mum and I felt so bad for her but we knew her life was going to change dramatically for the better.

And it did!

Abbys Story coming soon……..

Bunny’s Story

My name is Bunny and I am a very lucky greyhound.

My breeder had a program worked out where people could adopt a puppy from a litter, watch them grow up and see pictures as we got older and then when we retired from racing, we would go to the people who had preadopted us.


I have one sister from my litter who was the same rare color as me, blue fawn, and a lady applied to adopt her. My sister and I were very close, so the lady decided she wanted both of us so we could live together.


Well, my trainer at the track didn’t know I had an arrangement set up.He decided that I was too little to race and sent me to the adoption kennel instead. I met my mom there and she adopted me within the week I arrived.

She had just lost her heart dog*, Treat, and I came in and leaned against her in just the right way. I had to wait two weeks to go home with her, though, because I had to have my spay surgery done.Well, the woman who preadopted me had found out by then, and she contacted the adoption kennel.


Bunny and Gizmo

Mom sent her an email about Treat and about how she hoped that I’d be able to follow in her footsteps and be a therapy dog, and Greyhound ambassador, and the woman said she felt like I was meant to be with Mom. She said that she was very glad to know I was going to a really wonderful home.


A year or so later, Mom was on Greytalk and saw that my sister, who was adopted by that woman, had been taken in by a Greyhound adoption group out East. The woman who adopted her was a hoarder, and local groups who knew this, wouldn’t adopt hounds to her.

All her Greyhounds had to be cleaned up and get vet care, then they found them new homes. I had had a lucky escape!

I have another sister who went to a family who had lost one Greyhound, then adopted another, who died during surgery and finally chose my sister. She was a heart healer just like me! I got to meet her last year at our reunion and she was really sweet.


Mom said she wasn’t as cute as me, though! 😉 That’s why moms are the best! They say the nicest things!


P.S. A Heart dog is a dog that you have a special bond with, and a deeper understanding with, than other dogs. Bunny’s Moms post explains this very well 🙂