Who Decides?

Today was a lovely day, warm and sunny. Apart from the short while Mom was out taking Charlie to the vet, we spent the whole day in the garden. And as always, when I lie in the sun, my mind wandered.

Who decides what’s right or wrong?
And who decides what’s fair?
It’s “people” make these judgements
For others in their care.
So does a dog have any say
On what it wants to do?
If it’s in need or hungry
Then it relies on you!
We wait for doors to open
We hope that we’ll be fed
We stare at you and try
To get the thoughts inside your head!
It doesn’t always work
Although we never give up trying
We try to make our feelings known,
(We are no good at lying)
But what if we have feelings
That we cannot explain?
If we have needs you do not see
And what if we’re in pain?
A bitch will want a puppy
Her body tells her so
If you decide to spay her
Then do those feelings go?
And if the pain becomes too much
And she feels it’s time to go
It’s you who makes the choice, not her,
How does she let you know?
I’m glad I’m not a human
With all this on my mind!
But if I was, I know that I
Would do whatever’s kind.

Cos dogs are like that.

I wish all humans were.


Christmas Is Coming 

Christmas is just a few weeks away, and everywhere it is starting to look festive! There are trees in windows, lights twinkling, people wearing silly hats, and everyone seems to be smiling a little bit more than usual. 

There is something special about this time of year.

So Christmas is coming
And Mom is getting ready
I’m hoping for some turkey
And a nice new sqweeky teddy
Charlie wants a motorbike
I’m really not sure why
I don’t think he will get one
(I hope he doesn’t cry!)
I think he should be happy
With some treats and toys like me
And Turkey bits with gravy
And cuddles by the tree.

I wish that I could buy a gift
To show Mom that I love her
The gratitude I feel that she
Chose me and then my brother.
If houndies did have money
I would buy her all her dreams
Her festive Christmas stocking
would be bursting at the seams

But me and Chuck can’t do that
So we will just be there
To cuddle her and love her
And show her that we care

I don’t think she will mind

Merry Christmas !


Is A Dog A ‘Thing’?

Today on the breakfast news, there was a man talking to Stephen about a law he wants to change. My ears pricked up because it involved dogs.

Apparently if you seriously hurt a police dog, you can only be prosecuted for criminal damage, the same as if you kick a car. But even then, most are not prosecuted.

I am a dog, I have feelings and I hurt if you hit me. I bleed if you stab me. I am not a ‘thing’! I do understand that I am ‘owned’, but I own my Mom as much as she owns me! And I am loved, in a very different way to how she feels about her car!

I am family.

I always believed that animals were protected from cruelty by the Animal Welfare Act but apparently this does not really work with police dogs and horses, because the offence is not considered serious enough, compared with whatever crime the offender was being chased for in the first place!

When humans hurt pet dogs, few are prosecuted and then only because those people who care, like the RSPCA, make a huge amount of effort to find the evidence and to prove that the animal was treated cruelly. 

The law is clear that you are not allowed to mistreat animals that are in your care.

Police dogs are different.  They are doing a job! They work alongside their humans to protect the public, to catch bad people and to protect the other humans! They can make a huge difference to whether a criminal is caught or not!

They can even earn a medal if they show extreme bravery, the Dickens Medal, which is specifically for animals. Can a car win a medal? Can a car be brave? Would a car or a window or any other ‘property’  jump in front of its owner to protect it from harm??

I know I’m biased because I’m ‘just’ a hound, but it seems to me that police dogs are more than objects, much much more, and deserve a lot more respect than they get in the eyes of the law.

If you agree, please sign the petition to get this changed. It’s called Finns Law, and I support it wholeheartedly. 

You can sign here > LINK

Thank you.

Bella.  (Not a thing)

Where Does She Go?

Mom goes out every week day, apart from some Tuesdays, to do something I know nothing about. It is puzzling. I understand that whatever it is she does, means that she can go shopping each week, but that’s about it!!

What does it mean?

What does my mom do at work,
When she is gone all day?
What is so all important
That she has to stay away?
I’m sure she’d rather be with me
So we could hug and play!

I do not know why she goes there
And cannot stay with me,
Where is she? What’s she doing?
I wish that I could see
She goes right after breakfast,
And comes home for her tea!

I wonder if she thinks of me
I’d like to think it’s so
Because I think of her all day
Whenever she must go,
Thank goodness for the weekends
She loves them too, I know.

Maybe I could help? 

I’m sure I could earn some kibble somehow, so we could spend more time together. But how?

A Thoughtful Bella

The Logpot

Last summer we had a tree pollarded. You may remember the blog I did at the time? Anyway, we had a big pile of logs left over, and this week Mom decided to use one to make a plant pot!!


This seemed very odd to me, because a log looks nothing like a pot. Nothing at all!! I was more than a little perplexed.

I watched with interest, as she chose a good log. There were plenty of straight ones, but for some reason she chose a wonky one! She said it was perfect. (Don’t ask me why because I don’t know)

She looked at it from all angles and then finally got out a really heavy hammer and a chisel and started hitting it!

It was extremely slow going!


I was not surprised, when after a short while she got frustrated with this, and got out her electric drill instead. She drilled lots of holes in it. Then she tried again with the chisel.

After a couple of hours and a few naughty words, (she is not an expert with a hammer), she gave up and put it away. She said her arms ached.


She hadn’t got very far, I thought!

The next day she tried again. And the next day too. It seemed a lot of effort to me, for a plant pot! But at least I could lie on the grass in the sunshine and watch her, which was very pleasant.

Eventually she said she had done enough. I came and inspected it, to make sure I was happy with it too.


It wasn’t a very big hole, and it still didn’t look like a plant pot to me, but she seemed happy enough with it so I let her stop.


She drilled some holes from the bottom of the ‘pot’ to the outside of the log. She said that this was so the water could escape.

Then she put some little stones in the bottom and filled it up with that clean-smelling dirt from a big bag.

It still looked like a log to me!

However, once she put some plants in the top, it looked surprisingly pot-like! A log shaped pot, I have to say, but not bad.


I said that she could have just bought a pot, but she said that this one was special because she had made it herself.

Things have more value if you have to work hard for it, Mom said. I guess that’s true!

I hope she doesn’t begin to expect me to work harder for my treats so I enjoy them more!!




Today I have had a lazy day dozing on the sofa, and my mind started wondering off in all sorts of directions. First I was thinking about rabbits, and how I would like to chase one, and then suddenly I smelled sausages!


And suddenly it made perfect sense! (Not)

If I met a rabbit
With a sausage-making habit
I dont know what I would do!
It could be rather funny
To be friends with that bunny!
It could be a dream come true!

But it would still be tempting
To make the bunny run,
And if he took the sausages
Then that would end my fun!

I could chase him anyway and make my own sausages of course, if only I had a sausage factory.

If I did, and I made my own, they would have to be a bit different to normal sausages, to make them special Bellas Bangers.

I can’t change the taste, because that is what makes them so good! And the shape is what makes them a sausage!

I know, I thought, I could make happy sausages!


But then, if sausages had faces
Would I like them such a lot?
If they looked at me all smiley
Could I eat them? I think not!

It would be quite off-putting
If it smiled as I chewed.
I’m not sure there’s a market
For such controversial food!

So back to the drawing board, and dreams of rabbit-chasing.

And sausages.


Christmas Wishes

Well my friends, Christmas is over, and another year has ended. We start the new one together, full of expectations and hope, that the world will become a better place for all of us, dogs, and people.


Christmas came and went so quick
I missed the visit from Saint Nick!
He came while I was fast asleep
Even Charlie slept too deep!

When we awoke we saw he’d been!
More presents than we’d ever seen
Were lying underneath the tree,
Some for Charlie, some for me!

Mom opened them as we could not,
Got lots of things, we loved the lot!
They were some sqweeky toys for me
That made me happy as could be!

Charlie got some presents too,
Toys and treats and one fake poo!
We looked at it and giggled some
When thinking of the fun to come!

We played games as the dinner cooked,
(Which smelled as tasty as it looked.)
Then we had treats and food galore
Till even I could not eat more!

After that we slept a while
And as I woke, I saw Mom smile,
She too had had a lovely day
I know because I heard her say!

It was as great as a day could be
For Charlie, Mom and Dad and me.
Wish everyone could feel this way,
If only for one single day,
The world would see how life could be
If it was war and cruelty-free.

So be kind, be loving, be patient and understanding. Be nice to each other.

Be more dog.