Ewok No More

This morning Charlie looked like an Ewok. Or a very small Chewbacca. His ears had shrunk into his fur and his feet were just fluffballs on the ends of his legs.

I think he rather likes being mistaken for a macho actor.

(Hilarious huh)

But, unbeknown to him, Mom had booked him in to see Helen at the groomers this morning, to sort out his shaggy ewokness.

He doesn’t really like being groomed.

I think he feels that its not very manly. I keep telling him that male grooming is all the rage these days but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t believe me.

He says real men have furry chests.

At the groomers, Charlie got plonked in the bath regardless of his opinion on hairy men. So he sighed, smiled and pretended to enjoy himself as usual.

He had his bath without too much trouble, but with plenty of wriggling.

He even modelled the pink thing.

He did not look very manly.

After dancing around with the hairdryer and the very wriggly haircut, (Helen has the patience of a saint) Charlie had a quick spray of cologne and came home.

I ran over to check him out

Yes. He smells like flowers.

Very macho. (Not)

But I have to admit he looks fabulous. Well done Helen.

Hairy chests aren’t everything Charlie.



#Birdwatch Weekend

This weekend, lots of people all over the UK sit for an hour in their garden, or looking out of the window, and keep count of all the birds they see there. This is the RSPB Birdwatch

I think this is so that they can see which birds are getting rare and which are more common.

We did it this year, me and Mom. It was very relaxing but then we often sit and watch the birds anyway.

These are the ones we saw today.

We also saw a magpie, but every time Mom tried to take a photograph of him, Charlie ran at the window and scared him away!!

We usually see crows too but not during that particular hour today.

After the counting hour we also saw this little fella.

It was nice and we shall send the results of our count off in the envelope and wait to see what the results are.

I bet starlings and pigeons are the most common!

Why don’t you try it?


I Hate Balloons

There are things in life that have no meaning or purpose. Or if they do, then I have no idea what it is! But then I’m just a houndy so what do I know? 

Oh tell me please, what is this for?

I found it on the kitchen floor!
I touched it gently with my nose
Eyes widened as the thing arose
It floated off across the floor
Then bounced back when it reached the door.
I jumped and backed away at speed
So frightened that I nearly peed…..
I was not sure what I should do

No time to think, my brain was goo

I jumped and hit it with my paw

And then it was no more


My Place

I’m a pretty easy going hound and my life is pretty darned good. I have no wish to be top dog here, thats Moms place. But we all have to push our luck now and then and see how far we can go. Don’t we?

Right at the beginning

I lay upon on the floor

But as I grew in confidence

I found I wanted more

The next step in my ladder climb

Was sleeping on my chair

I liked this very much indeed

I felt quite comfy there

I may have overstepped the mark

When I tried out the bed

It was the best place in the house

To rest my weary head


I don’t mind. Really, I don’t!

The bed is comfy but it’s Moms place.

The chair is mine. And the sofa. And the rug. And my bed………

I love Mom.


Greyhounds Gather…..

Today was the day of the GGG, and I set off a little bit excited at seeing some of my friends again! It wasn’t a long drive and we were there in no time!

I met up with lots of Twitter friends, and some other hounds I hadn’t met before! There were big houndies, whippets and tiny houndies! Even quite a few honorary houndies like Charlie.

I met up with Robbie

I like Robbie.

I met Kai for the first time too. He’s a whippet and looks a lot like my friend Winston! I liked him too.

In fact I liked everyone! I’m like that you see. As are many pointy noses! 

This is Flo. As tiny as Charlie!

There were treats handed out, which went down very well!

And of course I had to check when the hooman said there were none left…..

Even Charlie made some new friends…

Pepper was very friendly tho Charlie wasn’t sure!

We both got A bit of attention off some people too.

As we dozed in the car on the way home, I smiled to myself and thought again of Robbie…………❤


#HoundsOfCannock J17

Today me and Mom went up to Cannock Chase for a greyhound tweet up! It was a fabulous day as always and we all had a lovely day! 

It was sunny and warm and I met a lot of greyhounds and whippets, and I met baby Esmee too.

What can I say except just look at the photos, see the happy faces, they speak for themselves!

Aren’t greyhounds fabulous?


Busy Busy Busy

As I am sure most of my friends and readers know, I am a typical greyhound. I conserve my energy, whenever possible, just in case one day I need it. I do believe that is why we adopted Charlie, just so that I could sleep more.

He quite likes to boss the birds around. In fact he likes to boss everyone around!! But he can only do so much.

This week, with the influx of new birds into our garden, I have had to help out. Its Moms fault, because she keeps tempting them into the garden with bird food.

Suddenly one guard dog is not enough!

So I have to help out! 

At first I found this annoying, I need my sleep and lots of it. 

However, I must admit that it is sometimes quite satisfying.  Charlie uses the noisy method.

He runs at them yapping

To be fair, it works well enough, but they fly away long before he gets anywhere near them.

I’ve developed a slightly different method of bird scaring which is much more satisfying.  

I walk slowly towards them, head down, without even looking at them. Then I silently and suddenly rush at them. 

They nearly jump out of their feathers!

It’s hilarious!!! 

They have got so used to me leaving it all to Charlie that I guess it’s a total surprise!!

However the other day I saw them having a chat on the birdbath. I’m sure I heard my name mentioned.

I hope they are not planning a revenge dive bombing session!

I will be keeping my eye on those two. 

Anyway, hopefully they will soon get the message that our garden is out of bounds. No birds allowed on our lawn anymore!

(There’s no way I can keep this up all summer). Im exhausted.