#HoundsOfCannock J17

Today me and Mom went up to Cannock Chase for a greyhound tweet up! It was a fabulous day as always and we all had a lovely day! 

It was sunny and warm and I met a lot of greyhounds and whippets, and I met baby Esmee too.

What can I say except just look at the photos, see the happy faces, they speak for themselves!

Aren’t greyhounds fabulous?


Busy Busy Busy

As I am sure most of my friends and readers know, I am a typical greyhound. I conserve my energy, whenever possible, just in case one day I need it. I do believe that is why we adopted Charlie, just so that I could sleep more.

He quite likes to boss the birds around. In fact he likes to boss everyone around!! But he can only do so much.

This week, with the influx of new birds into our garden, I have had to help out. Its Moms fault, because she keeps tempting them into the garden with bird food.

Suddenly one guard dog is not enough!

So I have to help out! 

At first I found this annoying, I need my sleep and lots of it. 

However, I must admit that it is sometimes quite satisfying.  Charlie uses the noisy method.

He runs at them yapping

To be fair, it works well enough, but they fly away long before he gets anywhere near them.

I’ve developed a slightly different method of bird scaring which is much more satisfying.  

I walk slowly towards them, head down, without even looking at them. Then I silently and suddenly rush at them. 

They nearly jump out of their feathers!

It’s hilarious!!! 

They have got so used to me leaving it all to Charlie that I guess it’s a total surprise!!

However the other day I saw them having a chat on the birdbath. I’m sure I heard my name mentioned.

I hope they are not planning a revenge dive bombing session!

I will be keeping my eye on those two. 

Anyway, hopefully they will soon get the message that our garden is out of bounds. No birds allowed on our lawn anymore!

(There’s no way I can keep this up all summer). Im exhausted. 


Charlie Got A Haircut

After Charlie’s little melanoma episode, he got a lot of extra fuss and treats, but now he is back to complete health, Mom decided it was time he had a haircut. As always we went to see Helen and Steph at Brackley.

Charlie looked quite pleased at the prospect, I think.

However I stayed at home, because the last time I went, I was tricked into having a bath!! That was not nice!

However, I think Charlie sees it as dance practice! He really has the steps, according to Steph, who had to dance the quick step with him this morning!

After a bit of a brush up, Charlie got in the bath. Then tried to get out of the bath….. then had a bath……

Meanwhile Bailey, the other dog being groomed today, was having a nice warm blow dry. He doesn’t look impressed.

  Charlie seemed to enjoy his bath……..

Or maybe I’m wrong…..

I’m still not sure.

He must have enjoyed the rub down with the towel though, even I like that bit! 

Either way, he danced his way through his haircut, doing the hokey cokey with Steph for quite some time, until he was finally finished.

Now, he smells like a girl, but looks gorgeous.

As usual.

Thanks Steph, lovely job.

I am so glad I don’t need haircuts.


Todays Walk

Mom wasn’t feeling very well yesterday. She stayed home and we spent most of the day on the sofa. It was nice to have her there even if she did keep saying “shhhhh” to Charlie. 

This morning, she looked a bit brighter, but she was still coughing, and seemed a little sad and tired. She said she had a headache.

She kept looking at her phone too, as if it might ring, but it didn’t. Not once.

Anyway, after a quiet morning doing chores, Mom took us for a walk down to the park. Unusually for Mom, she talked to us all the way, not ‘behave Charlie ‘ or ‘stop pulling Charlie’ like she usually does, but almost like she was telling us a story!

It was nice! We walked for a long way, past the park and along the road Mom talking quietly to us all the way.

We didn’t see any other dogs, or any rabbits, but we did say hello to a few people who passed by, and one man even stopped to rub my ears.

It was a long, long ramble, going nowhere in particular, not in any hurry. It was warm and dry, and the birds were singing almost like it was summer.

It was lovely.
I don’t know why though, but it felt different to our normal walks, more relaxed and cosy, like we were somehow walking into a different kind of future. 

Does that sound weird?

Maybe it was all in my imagination

Or maybe it was Moms voice lulling me into a trance as we walked? Maybe that’s it, because even Charlie was quiet and well behaved!

When we finally got back, me and Charlie settled down for a nap, tired and happy. 

Mom seemed happier too, more relaxed and content as if she had made a decision in her head. She even whistled as she made her coffee.
I don’t know what changed today, but it feels like something did.

I’m going to sleep now.


2017 – My Plans

Well, my friends, it is now 2017, a new year, a new beginning, and a good time to think about the future! Lots of people make New Year Resolutions, to change themselves, but I’m a hound, and I can’t change who I am or what I do, and let’s face it, I’m pretty much perfect already! (Bol)

However, my world is not quite perfect, and there are lots of things I would like to change, if I could!

Firstly, the english weather. 
What’s that all about??? 

I have to admit that summer is pretty good. I like warm, and I like sunshine, I don’t even mind a bit of warm rain. But winter? What a nightmare! Rain, snow, sun, frost, snow, fog, rain, totally unpredictable and all in one day sometimes. 

Whoever designed it had a wicked sense of humour!

Then there is the sausage situation!!!

At the moment, my supply of sausages is a little unpredictable. Some Sundays I get one, and sometimes on a Saturday, but not always. Occasionally I get two but now and again I don’t get any!

My plan for 2017 is to train Mom to increase the supply and make sure I get a sausage at least three days a week. 

Wish me luck!

The Cat situation.
Some of my best friends are cats. By that, I mean some of my twitter friends, like Tango and Nancy and Ms Marshas cat. They are pretty cool and i like them. But although they are my friends, I never actually have to meet them.

I do not have to dodge their scratchy feet or bitey bits and I am not constantly being told to be nice to them. My cat is different, she is not my friend.

She is not nice at all! 

Cats should recognise that dogs are bigger and stronger and deserve a little respect! I would change that.


There are a few other things that I would like to change, like world peace for example, but my head is a little tired and I need a nap.


My Poem for #NationalPoetryDay

I like to write poems about things I feel, and things that make me happy or sad. Sometimes just things that wonder through my shiny black head as random thoughts. Today is apparently National Poetry Day so I thought I would write one specially. I hope you like it.

I love my Mom and she loves me
I understand her perfectly
I know her moods and understand
When she is sad, I nudge her hand
I do not make a fuss or cry
Even when I don’t know why.
When she frowns I watch her face
Until a smile takes its place
I look at her, she smiles at me,
No earthly place I’d rather be.
But with my Mom and my bro Yappy
Loving them just makes me happy.

Well there you go.

A random thought. Mom makes me happy.


Day Trip 2016

Today we went on a day trip! It was a really, really long way in the car and Mom didn’t tell us where we were going, or who we were meeting, until we were nearly there!

We got in the car and Mom drove and drove for hours!! I settled down quite quickly but Charlie was a darned nuisance! 

He would not lie down!

He yipped and whined all the way there!! I rolled my eyes at him several times but he took no notice whatsoever.  Typical Charlie. 

But eventually we arrived, in  Church Stretton. 

We had gone back to the small town where Mom had grown up, in Shropshire. We parked at Cardingmill Valley and to my surprise, met Uncle Tony and Grandma!

After a very happy hello, we went for a walk, carefully checking out the signs before we started!

We walked beside a pretty little stream, and despite my dislike of water, I bravely went for a closer look.

It was wet.

Charlie was braver, and went for a paddle!

After our walk, we got back in the car and drove up into the hills. This was the Long Mynd, a “place of outstanding natural beauty”  according to Mom.

She was right. (As usual)

We had an amazing picnic!

Uncle Tony and Grandma had made all kinds of wonderful things to eat, including kangaroo sausage rolls! (Which unfortunately I did not get to taste) It all looked and smelled delicious and we watched hungrily as they all ate.

As we were so good (said Grandma) we got sausages!

It was very hot up there, and very windy! It didn’t seem to bother Charlie much, but I got to lie under the parasol to stay cool! I felt like a princess!

After we had all eaten, and the humans had chatted, we went for a little walk. It really was very pretty there, and there were lots of fascinating things to explore. 

A while later, we all got back into the car and went down into the town. Church Stretton isn’t very big, but Mom said it brought back so many memories that she loved every minute of the visit.

We found a pub that had a lovely garden, and where well behaved dogs were welcome, the peeps had a drink and we got fussed. A lot.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day out. We had all had a lovely time.

It was a long drive back, and we were very pleased to eventually arrive home. 

Thanks Mom.