Today I have had a lazy day dozing on the sofa, and my mind started wondering off in all sorts of directions. First I was thinking about rabbits, and how I would like to chase one, and then suddenly I smelled sausages!


And suddenly it made perfect sense! (Not)

If I met a rabbit
With a sausage-making habit
I dont know what I would do!
It could be rather funny
To be friends with that bunny!
It could be a dream come true!

But it would still be tempting
To make the bunny run,
And if he took the sausages
Then that would end my fun!

I could chase him anyway and make my own sausages of course, if only I had a sausage factory.

If I did, and I made my own, they would have to be a bit different to normal sausages, to make them special Bellas Bangers.

I can’t change the taste, because that is what makes them so good! And the shape is what makes them a sausage!

I know, I thought, I could make happy sausages!


But then, if sausages had faces
Would I like them such a lot?
If they looked at me all smiley
Could I eat them? I think not!

It would be quite off-putting
If it smiled as I chewed.
I’m not sure there’s a market
For such controversial food!

So back to the drawing board, and dreams of rabbit-chasing.

And sausages.



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