Treat Competition!

As I am sure my regular readers know, I am extremely fond of sausages. In fact I admit to being a little obsessive about them. I am a sausage addict!! I would eat them every day if I could. However, Mom says that sausages are not good to eat all of the time. (I don’t agree but I’m not the one who does the shopping unfortunately) 


Feed Me!

Luckily, even when I have had my sausage ration for the week, Mom knows that I still want more treats.

I like cheese, but Mom won’t share hers very often, I love bacon (who doesn’t?) and any human type food. Biltong, which I was given for the first time recently by a certain Bear I know, is extremely good to eat.  Wonky Chomps of course are rather good too but I don’t get those very often.

Just so you know, I do not like raw vegetables, no matter how good they might be for me!

I will eat almost everything and anything to be honest, but my favourite ‘dog’ treats, are the biscuits we get from my friend Ama. His Mom makes them especially for dogs, and she sends them all over the world to other doggies who love them too.

Apparently they are good for us! Mom always has a supply in the cupboard.  

She says that they are made without adding the bad things that are in human food, like sugar and salt, and she uses eggs from her very own chickens, and they are all made from natural ingredients. This is important to Mom. (All that matters to me is that they taste delicious and they do!!)


Cookies At Christmas

Ama is the chief ‘quality controller’ for the cookie business. He is my friend, a Leonburger, very big, very handsome, and very fluffy. He has the important job of making sure that all of the biscuits are tasty and crunchy enough for us customers! 

He does a grand job!

On my sixth birthday, he got his Mum to make a new flavour just for me!! It was a lovely surprise on my birthday to get a special package from Holland, especially when I found out it was my very own Bacon and Cheese flavour Birthday Bone!! It was amazing!  Charlie has the little ones, he loves the Sharkies.

So, as a bit of fun, I thought I would hold a competition!! Some lucky dog will be able to win a package of AmmysDelight biscuits all to themselves!!


It involves a little bit of detective work, so you sniffer dogs out there should win hands down!

I am going to ask you a series of questions which will take you on a little treasure hunt. You will need to visit Ama’s website, and a couple of my blogs to get the answers, and when you do, you can email me those answers using the entry box below. I will pick a winner at random from all of the correct answers!

Q1.  What flavour are Ammys Sharkies?

Q2.  What special flour does Amas Mom use for dogs with a sensitive tummy?

Q3.  What are Amas brothers called?

Q4.   What is my date of birth?  (You can find this on one of my pages, hint hint)

Q5.   Who had I gone to visit, when I first met Charlie?

To find my blogs, use the search box on my title page  CLICK HERE

The link to Ammy’s DelightsWebsite is here CLICK HERE

Right, get to it, my little detective friends!!!  When you have all five answers, fill in the entry box with the answers and please include your name, or your dogs name if you are a hooman. If you are neither a dog or a human, you can still enter, you will just need to find a dog to give the cookies to. (HE HE HE)

Closing Date 1st February





Good Luck!!!





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