Saturday Morning

Today is a lazy day for this houndy. Now I know you will say that every day is lazy for me, but this is an extra specially lazy one. Mom is home but she is busy doing human things.


First I decided to lie on the warm soft grass. Except for my head. Somehow, despite all the grass, my head ended up on a slab, like this.


Then I decided to lie on the sofa for a while as Mom went out to have her nails prettied. The sofa is the best place to lie if someone forgets to shut the door.


When Mom came back, we played in the garden for a while before I collapsed in a heap on the grass again.


I did have a bit of a chew on my big bone for a while, which is maturing nicely by the way, before having another nap.


We moved inside for an hour or two after lunch so I had a snooze on the floor with my toys. They were happy to join me.


It is now mid afternoon and I am still on my rug. Mom came in once and suggested we go for a walk, but I opened one eye and gave her a long hard look so she went away again.

It won’t hold her off for long but if I only get another ten minutes I will be happy.

I have a hard life, but I guess I had better go for that walk soon. After all, she needs the exercise, and I do like to be helpful.



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