I tried to imagine how it must be, to be unloved and uncared for, and to put my self in the paws of a dog, rescued from despair. My life was never like this, but for many it never ends. Have a tissue handy.

There was a time when I believed
That life could not get worse
I thought about it every day
While listening to him curse.
I laid amongst the squalor
Just a few yards from the beach
Not far from where he teased me
With that food, just out of reach.
I heard the people passing
On their way past, out of sight
The fence which kept me hidden
Stopped them knowing of my plight.
I didn’t dare to make a sound
I’d learnt this long before,
The beatings were not worth it
It just made him hate me more.
I don’t know why he kept me there
The cruelty made no sense
My life was one of misery
On this side of that fence.
I’d known of nothing different
But of hunger and despair
Until the day they found me
And they took me into care.
I wondered if they’d hurt me
I expected that they would
Instead they washed my matted fur
And told me I was good.
I couldn’t quite believe that
Though I did as I was told
Expecting any moment
To be put back in the cold.
They gave me food and water
After taking off my chain
I ate it very quickly
As I waited for the pain.
Then much to my surprise
They put me on a warm, dry bed
But I backed off with suspicion
When they tried to stroke my head.
I cowered in the corner
Many days went by the same
Till slowly I looked forward
To when one kind lady came.
Each day she came and talked to me
And walked me in the yard.
Until I learned to trust her
And at last let down my guard.
She said I was a good dog
And ready to make friends
And this is where I leave my tale
You imagine how it ends.




9 thoughts on “Unloved

  1. You are so creative. This is very sad. I’m glad u, I & the pups we know & love have had it better than this. But there is so much cruelty in the world. It is hard to understand. Thank you for the poem.

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