The #Zoo…

I know of a warm hearted llama,
Who tries not to spit (cos some do)
I met her while chatting on Twitter,
She’s part of our world famous #zoo.

I know that she has trouble sleeping,
Just like our resident Mare,
Who likes to roll naked in clover,
And stick all four hooves in the air.

Mog is the feline zoo member and
Although I’m not partial to cats,
She keeps her claws pretty well hidden,
And usefully rids us of rats.

We also have sweet little Ducky,
Who’s I thinks the generous sort,
She’s trying to help a poor kitty,
But he doesn’t want to be caught.

JayDeeDoubleyou’s in the #zoo also,
She looks after dogs for the day.
She also spends lots of time studying,
And always has something to say!

Badger is in the #zoo too, and
Jazzie, her staffie’s real cute.
She think I’m a beautiful greyhound,
Which I’m not about to dispute.

MDF is the last of our members, 
And mostly she comes out at night,
She promised to build me an island,
And likes to stand up for whats right.

Together we make up the numbers,
The resident staff at the #zoo.
And one day we’ll meet up for real,
I certainly hope so, do you?


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