In the Kitchen with Mommy

Icy Bites: The Perfect Summer Treat

I just love eating treats, I mean, what doggie doesn’t?  But, I especially love helping mommy cook homemade ones just for me! She says that I’m her little kitchen helper, and I love this job because I get to lick the bowls and spoons. Nom, nom!

With summer just around the corner, let me tell you, things are really heating up in Texas, so I would like to share my super easy “Icy Bite” recipe with all of you! But first, I’ll let mommy tell you all about the health benefits of these delicious treats. *holds paw to mouth and yells “Oh mommy, it’s your turn!”

“Well, thank you my sweet little Mollie girl!”

So, here’s the story: When Mollie was a baby and cutting her teeth, I tried to figure out a healthy way to give her something to chew on. I wasn’t keen on rawhide due to digestive issues, and raw bones just seemed too hard on her gums and her new teeth. I knew I wanted something icy and cold to give her some relief, so I turned to organic canned pumpkin. Here’s why.

Benefits of Organic Canned Pumpkin

High in fiber; vitamins A, C, and E; alpha and beta carotene; lutein; magnesium; potassium; iron and zinc;

Adds bulk without a lot of extra calories for fuller, happier tummies;

Low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol; and

Pesticides are not used. (I buy Wholefoods brand for $1.79 per can. During the holidays, though, it was on sale, 5 cans for $5.00, so be sure to look for specials!)

With all of these benefit working together to give Mollie healthier skin, eyes, coat and immune system, I decided to make “pupsicles!”

Tools Needed


Cookie sheet


“Hey, Mollie, you want to tell them how to make your Icy Bites?”

*happy ears and wagging tail “Sure, mommy!”


1. Have your mommy open the canned pumpkin and scoop out a little bit on the spoon. (Make sure you’re in the kitchen for taste testing purposes.)

2. Use your cutest face to ask your mommy for a sample of pumpkin. (My mommy lets me lick the spoon! I sure hope your mommy does too!)

3. After the taste test and your approval, have mommy use the spoon to scoop out little globs of pumpkin onto the cookie sheet, placing each glob about an inch apart. (Be sure to sit pretty and be patient while mommy does this. She will be proud of you.)

4. When the whole can of pumpkin is scooped out onto the cookie sheet, have mommy put the cookie sheet in the freezer. (Do not jump on mommy because she could drop the cookie sheet and no icy bites for you!)

5. In about 5 hours, the pumpkin will freeze. (Me and mommy usually make these at night so they can stay in the freezer while we sleep.)

6. Remove cookie sheet from freezer. Ask mommy to please take each icy bite (frozen pumpkin glob) and place them into a plastic baggie. (But, first, ask mommy for a sample! Then, indulge in this cool, delicious summer treat!)

7. Return icy bite-filled plastic baggie to the freezer for more treats later! (Hint for all mommys: Icy Bites may stick together, so when you remove the plastic baggie from the freezer, just drop it onto a hard surface to break up the treats.)


Me and my mommy would love to hear all about your Icy Bite adventures and see pictures of you enjoying these summer-time goodies!

If you can’t get canned pumpkin, then you can use sweet potatoes instead. They will need to cooked first and allowed to cool. Have fun!



3 thoughts on “In the Kitchen with Mommy

  1. My precious MOLLIE this is a wonderful recipe & we can’t wait to try them. Mommy just wrote 1 can organic pumpkin on her grocery list. Thank you for this great story. Oh and by the way … Your pictures are beautiful. Just Sayin.


  2. That luffly Mollie! I love the interaction between you and your mummy, it’s really cute!

    I will try these for Oscar & Jessie. I will perhaps cook some pumpkin, let it cool, and then do the pupsicles as I haven’t seen canned pumpkin.

    Thanks for a great recipe and a great story, really, really luffed it 💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤


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