The Beginning

Bluey is my collie dog, he’s black and brown and white,
He barks a lot and makes a mess but really he’s alright.
He chases balls and sticks and things, he smiles and wags his tail.

He tries to be as good as gold but all to no avail.

Paw prints turn up on the floor, the carpets and the chair,

And when he shakes the long grey hairs go flying everywhere.

The postman hardly dares to post the letters through the door,

Because they’re often all chewed up before they hit the floor.

He’s got a friend called Jess the cat, who’s only 3 months old,

He’s small and black and beautiful but also very bold.

He follows Blue, he bites his tail, he worries him no end,

He eats his lunch and steals his toys, he drives him round the bend.

Another dog might lose his rag and give young Jess a bite,

But Blue is such a soppy dog we know he’ll be alright.

The Middle

Blueys still our collie dog, but now he’s getting old,
He’s not the dog he used to be, he really feels the cold.
He cannot hear the letters when they land upon the floor,
The postman isn’t frightened of our collie anymore.
His eyes are getting cloudy, he has cateracts you see,
But when the dinner’s nearly done his nose is problem free.
He doesn’t run around much now, he’d rather walk instead,
And if it’s wet or cold outside he’d sooner stay in bed.
Jess the cat is now full grown, as beautiful as ever,
He’s playful and he’s snooty and he thinks he’s rather clever.
He doesn’t bother Blue so much, he knows he isn’t quite
as patient as he used to be, he may just get a bite.
Poor old Blue, his hearings shot, his eyes are not so bright,
But  even though he’s getting old, we know he’ll be alright.

The Final Installment

Bluey was our collie dog, he was black brown and white,
He is no longer with us and it doesn’t feel right.
He had been very poorly, and although it made me cry,
We had to take him to the vet and say our last Goodbye.
I knew it was the kindest thing, the best for poor old Blue,
But still it was the hardest thing I ever had to do.
He had a long and happy life, he was everybody’s friend,
We had old Blue for fifteen years and loved him to the end.
But life goes on, and very soon, the loss became a need,
To have another dog, but not like Blue, another breed.
We looked in all the papers and eventually we saw
The very kind of advert that we were looking for.
We went and saw and fell in love, we bought her on the spot,
That small Jack Russel Terrier was just what Blue was not.
She’s small and young and lively,her coat is mostly white,
And I know if Blue was here today they’d get along alright.





4 thoughts on “Bluey.

  1. Oh that is so lovely. Mum got so teary cos it reminded her of her old border collie Bob. He was 16 when he had to be put to sleep. Thank you so much for sharing xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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