An Abandoned Tail.

            By Grandma Bobbins

   Abandoned, frightened, all alone
Nothing to eat, not even a bone
No chews, no toys, I can’t find a ball
No bed, no blanket, nothing at all

They closed the door and walked away
I promise to be good I’ll sit and stay
I won’t bark or make a noise
I won’t frighten girls or boys

Now night is coming it’s getting dark
I wish I could go for a walk in the park
To run around, to sniff, and be free
But this is just a dream to me
  It’s really really dark and cold
I’m a wee bit scared ‘cause I’m not very old
I’ll curl up in a ball and try not to shiver
And dream of a supper of biscuits and liver
  Morning comes and I get up to see
If someone has come back for me
But no one is here, no one did call
Still nothing here, nothing at all

  I wait and I wait then I hear a noise
Sounds like voices of girls or boys
He’s in there’ I hear them say
Come in and find me please make my day

  The lady is kind and she wraps me up
In a warm blanket, ‘wow’ I’m a lucky pup
She feeds me a meal of biscuits and milk
And brushes my hair till its soft like silk

  I’m safe here now till they find me a home
I love it here even got me a bone
People come, and people go past
But someone stops and looks at last

My you’re handsome, you’re a lovely chap’
She bends down and gives my head a pat
I lick her hand and give her a paw
With tears in her eyes she turns and says ‘ awwh’

  Today is the day that I go home
A house with a garden for me to roam
A bed, good food, a collar and lead
What more does a doggie like me need

  We go for long walks, and trips in the car
We go for pub lunches, I sit in the bar
We go on holidays with Grandad and Gran
I just can’t believe how lucky I am

  With dark days behind me my life just gets better
Now I must end this quite long letter
As I sit here at home with my new mum and dad
I think to myself what a lucky, lucky lad.

A kind contribution from Gwenda Bobbins. A friend to all animals.




7 thoughts on “An Abandoned Tail.

  1. I sit here with tears streaming down my face because this sadly is so true. This puppy was lucky, many are not and people think “it’s only a dog!”

    Thank you Gwenda for writing this poem and letting Bella post it on her page.

    Hopefully it will make people stop and think – it’s not only just a dog, its a friend, a pal, and a soul mate who knows when you’re not well, can make you smile and is there for when you cry.

    Luffs you all xxxxx

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