My Pedigree

My name is Bella

My racing name was Endless Trash, given to me because of my sad start in life! Mom obviously didn’t like that so I am now called Bella. Much nicer I think.
Many English greyhounds appear to be related if you go far enough back down the family tree. My family can be traced back to 1820! Impressive huh?Screenshot_2014-03-25-22-40-01-1

My mother Barnwell Barley had only one litter of puppies, and she was adopted by a family and has a home of her own now. My father Droopys Scolari had lots of puppies!

I have been lucky enough to find two half sisters on Twitter, both gorgeous of course, also aunties, uncles, cousins and more distant relatives. This is mainly down to super sleuth Eva , my second cousin,who got me started on the hunt.

I have listed my known family members on My Family Tree page, with their twitter links. I am ever hopeful of finding more


2 thoughts on “My Pedigree

  1. Yea I don’t like this name at all either. Very negative. Of course … Bella is exactly the opposite of that. Bella = beautiful … Very positive.

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