My Family Tree

I am so very proud to reveal the family I have found on Twitter. If you are related but not on my list, please let me know. 🙂


Rosie – Angel Tyne

Lily – Unique Lily

Jack – threebearscameto

Bridget – Glenvale Bridget

Ollie – Timber Duke

Sally – Callys Girl

Dudley – Dunham Ace

Digiestar – Digiestar

Crystal Longchops – Droopys Willow

Cherry – Playboy Cherry

Kenny – King Lenny

Peaches – Questhouse Woods

Jeffy J – Deancroft Mars

Rolo – Lochdara Rogue

Aero – Woodys Express

Bill – Cracking Form

Mads- Millridge Merc

Great Aunty
Suzie – Randy Rogue

Izzy – Hells Belle

Benson – Come on Fred

Lurch – Rio Valentino

Holly – Flame

Blue – Romeo Zorro

Austin – Pows Tugboat

Molly – Blue Mineola

Max – Parlow Express

Beanz. – Droopys Beano

Poppy – Pea Diddy

Mr Reilly – Droopy’s Reason

Jeff – Farley Jazz

Jackson –Yahoo Ollie

Ollie – Fridays Suzo

Bodley – Express Buzz

Holly – Jingle Pine

Maxi –Cabriol Mackydee

Roger – Faypoint Dave

Witch – Broomhill Witch

SpongeCake – Play Roma

Harvey – Tarquynn Crash

Harry – Starcross Harry

Buster –Felltop Chaos

Milly Many Coats – Mill Tree

Daisy – Dessie’s Dazzler

Robbie Greyhound @robbiegreyhound

Big Mac – Big Machine

Connor – Chink of Light

Floyd – Look Floyd

Jet – Swift Chelsea

Ceddars – Head Iton Honcho

Katie – Kiss The Flame

Graham – Goalmouth

Poppy – Rivermist Star

Roscoe – Young Ruso

Tina – Gneeves Tina sadly deceased.

Jelly Fartado – Classy Sun

Brave – Killinan Brave

Oscar – Autumn Tangler

Niamh  – Ishi Adiva

Ben  – Benmore Clo

Spex  –  Knockrammer Ash

Fly  –  Imokilly Bubba

Carly – Get On Carly

BB – Business Melody 

Jack – Roundabout Jack

Eva – Eva

Jessie – Banjo Queen

Bertie – Pantone Deal

Jack – Calm Black (sadly deceased)
Ember Chops – Donnas Amber

Lucy – Firston The Left

IN-LAW UNCLE – The One and Only
Big Willy – Gallows Flare Now sadly deceased. 😦

Ozzy – Feckin Collie

June – Fawn June

Danno – Iceman Danno

Major – Bawna Major

Idgie – Oakwood Goldie

Peachie – Minglers Peach

Digger – Tedo Digger

Sid – Strong suit

Charlie – Watch Charlie

Eva – Berehaven Girl

Bourbon the Gorm – Eco Storm

Sydney – Saigon Hero

Rolo – Special Caesar

Colin – Ballymac Colin

Miss Peggy – Peggy’s Princess

Meg – Memories Prize

Lily – Ardera Satan

indy – Santro

Danny – Duke Special

Fizzy – Ballymac Galt 

Murphy –Liffey River

Click here  , key in your racing name and see if you are related to me! I have found two half-sisters using Twitter!

If you are not listed but have a tattoo,or do not know your racing name, see sooper sleuth Eva 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Family Tree

  1. Hello Bella, I am your half sister Bridget (Glenvale Bridget) I also follow you on Instagram with my cousin Bee (Coloogue Bee) whom is also distantly related to you by x

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