Mom says…

I let Mom borrow my blog for her own poem, I hope you dont mind.

I guess it applies to all of us. Or should.

Nobody’s perfect so dont even try
Love imperfections
Never ask why
Hug trees if you want to
Scream to the sky
Laugh at your troubles
Look fear in the eye
Cry if you need to
If it feels good
But never be sad cos you’re told that you should
Say no to those things
That you dont want to do
And never forget that it’s great to be you

Love you Mom

Good Will To All

It’s that time of year again, when everybody seems to be talking of Christmas dinner, shopping for presents, and spending time with their families. But not everybody loves this time of year.

For some it is a lonely time.

It’s getting close to Christmas Day
And I keep hearing people say
You must me cheerful, must have fun,
Festive cheer to everyone!
The children smile and get excited
As trees and lights and gifts are sighted.
Parties start and glasses clink.

But does anybody stop to think?

What of those people, all alone,
No family to call their own?
They watch from sidelines, on TV,
How happy others seem to be.
No presents underneath their tree,
Where are their smiles?
Who’s there to see?

Now I don’t want to spoil your fun,
But Christmas is for everyone!
So cook your turkey, trim your tree,
Eat enough for two or three!
And after dinner, think a while
Of someone who deserves to smile.

One simple act of kindness shared
Will show them that somebody cared,
Pick up your phone and make that call

Merry Christmas, one and all.


I Hate Balloons

There are things in life that have no meaning or purpose. Or if they do, then I have no idea what it is! But then I’m just a houndy so what do I know? 

Oh tell me please, what is this for?

I found it on the kitchen floor!
I touched it gently with my nose
Eyes widened as the thing arose
It floated off across the floor
Then bounced back when it reached the door.
I jumped and backed away at speed
So frightened that I nearly peed…..
I was not sure what I should do

No time to think, my brain was goo

I jumped and hit it with my paw

And then it was no more


My Place

I’m a pretty easy going hound and my life is pretty darned good. I have no wish to be top dog here, thats Moms place. But we all have to push our luck now and then and see how far we can go. Don’t we?

Right at the beginning

I lay upon on the floor

But as I grew in confidence

I found I wanted more

The next step in my ladder climb

Was sleeping on my chair

I liked this very much indeed

I felt quite comfy there

I may have overstepped the mark

When I tried out the bed

It was the best place in the house

To rest my weary head


I don’t mind. Really, I don’t!

The bed is comfy but it’s Moms place.

The chair is mine. And the sofa. And the rug. And my bed………

I love Mom.


Summers Here!

Its the weekend, and I think summer has finally arrived! We had bright sunshine even when we got up at 6 o’clock this morning! And now it’s hot, real hot. I am in my element! I love summer!

The sun is shining up there

In a sky that’s wide and blue

No fluffy clouds to hide her

From the likes of me and you.

I lie here in my garden

Just soaking up her heat

Not moving till I have to

Then I get up on my feet.

I move into the shade a while

I sigh and lie back down

But soon that sun has followed me

I squint at her and frown.

OK, I’m getting hot now

Mom makes me go inside

To cool down in a shady spot

And from the sun I hide.

But when Mom isn’t looking

Back out there I will sneak

I can’t resist that warm soft grass

The pleasure that I seek.

They say mad dogs and English men

Go out in midday sun

But I’m a dog AND English

Excuses, I have none.

We do not get much heat like this

I mean to make the most

Of every minute that I get

Even if I roast!!


Bella x

Who Decides?

Today was a lovely day, warm and sunny. Apart from the short while Mom was out taking Charlie to the vet, we spent the whole day in the garden. And as always, when I lie in the sun, my mind wandered.

Who decides what’s right or wrong?
And who decides what’s fair?
It’s “people” make these judgements
For others in their care.
So does a dog have any say
On what it wants to do?
If it’s in need or hungry
Then it relies on you!
We wait for doors to open
We hope that we’ll be fed
We stare at you and try
To get the thoughts inside your head!
It doesn’t always work
Although we never give up trying
We try to make our feelings known,
(We are no good at lying)
But what if we have feelings
That we cannot explain?
If we have needs you do not see
And what if we’re in pain?
A bitch will want a puppy
Her body tells her so
If you decide to spay her
Then do those feelings go?
And if the pain becomes too much
And she feels it’s time to go
It’s you who makes the choice, not her,
How does she let you know?
I’m glad I’m not a human
With all this on my mind!
But if I was, I know that I
Would do whatever’s kind.

Cos dogs are like that.

I wish all humans were.

Christmas Is Coming 

Christmas is just a few weeks away, and everywhere it is starting to look festive! There are trees in windows, lights twinkling, people wearing silly hats, and everyone seems to be smiling a little bit more than usual. 

There is something special about this time of year.

So Christmas is coming
And Mom is getting ready
I’m hoping for some turkey
And a nice new sqweeky teddy
Charlie wants a motorbike
I’m really not sure why
I don’t think he will get one
(I hope he doesn’t cry!)
I think he should be happy
With some treats and toys like me
And Turkey bits with gravy
And cuddles by the tree.

I wish that I could buy a gift
To show Mom that I love her
The gratitude I feel that she
Chose me and then my brother.
If houndies did have money
I would buy her all her dreams
Her festive Christmas stocking
would be bursting at the seams

But me and Chuck can’t do that
So we will just be there
To cuddle her and love her
And show her that we care

I don’t think she will mind

Merry Christmas !


Compassion. A Sad Poem

We hear a lot of stories of animals being rescued from terrible places and terrible people. Not all of them make it. Today I just wanted to give thanks that some wonderful humans have the compassion that others lack. How they go on, with the things that they see, I do not know.

For each one saved, how many are not?

The man looked at the snarling dog
And saw, despite the fear,
The blood encrusted on his face
One torn, one missing ear
The chain around his neck so tight
The sores were plain to see
He felt the pain as if his own
And knew what was to be.
The open wound across his chest
Was clearly past repair.
He wept, no shame for doing so,
His heart filled with despair.
This dog would not see out the day
His suffering must end,
He’d never know he could have been
A lonely man’s best friend.
He went about the task ahead
With tears on his face
Just grateful that this dog was
Safe now,
In a better place.

Fortunately for us, there are organisations like the RSPCA and Dogs Trust to save the ones they can.



Tonight  is the night that the ghosties and ghoolies come out to play and scare everybody!! I am not a brave soul, so I prefer to stay indoors where it is safe and quiet and there are no monsters!!!

It was a dark dark Halloween
And the houndy was afraid
The ghosts were out a-haunting
So in the house she stayed

A monster knocked upon the door
She hid beneath the bed
The knocking turned to howling
And she buried deep her head

But Charlie, being braver
Yapped loudly at the door
Then suddenly went quiet
Which scared poor Bella more

She raised her head a little
And crept to have a look
The door was slightly open
Poor Bella quietly shook

But worried for her brother
She bravely carried on
Determined to defend him
(Wherever he had gone)

The door creaked slowly inward
She heard a sickly crunch
She thought that maybe Charlie
Had become the monsters lunch!

But no, he had a cookie!
He smirked at her then laughed!
He licked his lips and ran inside
And said that hounds are daft!!



Where Does She Go?

Mom goes out every week day, apart from some Tuesdays, to do something I know nothing about. It is puzzling. I understand that whatever it is she does, means that she can go shopping each week, but that’s about it!!

What does it mean?

What does my mom do at work,
When she is gone all day?
What is so all important
That she has to stay away?
I’m sure she’d rather be with me
So we could hug and play!

I do not know why she goes there
And cannot stay with me,
Where is she? What’s she doing?
I wish that I could see
She goes right after breakfast,
And comes home for her tea!

I wonder if she thinks of me
I’d like to think it’s so
Because I think of her all day
Whenever she must go,
Thank goodness for the weekends
She loves them too, I know.

Maybe I could help? 

I’m sure I could earn some kibble somehow, so we could spend more time together. But how?

A Thoughtful Bella