Much Better!

Well I am pleased to say that I am feeling much better after my visit to the vet. My face isn’t so swollen and my eye looks a lot more normal.


My Wonky Face

Mom took me before going to work on Monday. I was a bit worried at first when she left, but she promised she would be back soon, and they were so friendly there, that I soon relaxed.

They put me in a big cage with a very comfy bed. My head was still sore, so I dozed, until a lady came and woke me up.

I was a bit confused when she started shaving bits of fur off my legs I have to admit! It was my head that hurt, not my legs, so I did think it was a bit odd! I was being very good, but then I yelped when the clippers suddenly bit me! I didn’t think that was supposed to happen!

She stuck another sharp thing in my leg too, and it hurt a bit but I was very brave and didn’t even flinch that time.

And then, the next thing I knew, I was waking up in the cage with something stuck in my leg, wrapped in a bandage, and a very woozy head!

I have no idea what had happened!

The lady made a fuss of me and kept checking on me until Mom came to pick me up.


At Home

Boy, was I glad to see her!! I felt very strange and wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep.

Before we left, the vet said I had been very good, and gave Mom some medicine for me. She told Mom that it was two bad teeth that had caused my face to swell up, so she had taken them out. She also said she had knicked my leg with the clippers but it had been treated and should not give me any trouble.


When I got home, I tweeted a while and went to bed early, after having lots of cuddles and a very welcome bowl of scrambled eggs!

Mom stayed at home Tuesday. My head was feeling much better and the swelling started going down.

We spent the whole day together. It was lovely, but Mom started fussing because I kept licking my leg. It itched and bothered me and I just couldn’t leave it alone!

So Mom put a sock round it, to stop me licking.

Today Mom had to go to work. I felt much better, my face looked almost back to normal and the sock was still on my leg so she wasn’t worried.

Until she came home that is.

While she was gone, I had removed the sock and licked my leg till it was sore. I just couldn’t help myself!! What was a little scratch had turned into a hole!

So, although my head was pretty much back to normal, and I felt great, I had to go back to see the vet!

Now, I have a huge bandage on my whole leg! A red one. This is supposed to stop me licking it, but it feels really weird!


At The Vets

When I walk, I look like a flippin zombie!


My Bandage

And I have been threatened with a cone of shame if I try to get it off! Tell me, how on earth did a sore, wonky face turn into a wonky leg?

The things a houndy has to put up with!!!


My Room.

My room was getting a little scruffy looking recently, partly because I’m messy, but mostly because it’s the utility room and gets used a lot. So Mom decided to decorate it!

There were some bits she had to fix with filler.

The reason for that is a whole different story. An old story involving me, the cat, the bath, and a waste pipe which got accidentally broken.

The less said, the better.


My room was pale grey with one green wall. The green, was paint left over from the kitchen, and there was none of that left, so we had to choose a new colour for that wall!

I chose pink of course!

After Mom had filled the holes and made it smooth again, she started painting. I supervised closely.


She painted the whole of that wall pink.

The bit at the top caused Mom to say a few words I can’t spell, and lots of sighing. Apparently it’s hard to paint a straight line when you are up a ladder!

After the pink was finished she painted all the wood bits with really smelly white paint.

This stayed sticky for ages. As I discovered.


Mom picked off the black hairs from the white paint with not much more than a quiet sigh.

Then, because there were now little spots of paint all over the floor, as well as dirty pawprints, she scrubbed the floor too.


I have to say, it looks very pretty now, especially with my new treat tin and my boa!

I like my new pink wall. Mom does too. I just hope she doesn’t decide to paint the whole house again though, because it is exhausting to watch!!


My Birthday!

I am one of the luckiest dogs alive! I’m sure of it! Today is my 7th birthday and I am having the most fabulous day, only spoilt by the fact that Mom had to go to work.

This morning Mom got up early and she let me open some of my cards and presents, the ones I had received in the post!


These were from my online friends, the best ones who I call my twitter family!


There we’re lots, from all over the world and I have to say that they are the best family ever!! I had lots of toys, Wonky Chomps, treats from Ammys Delight, and some nail varnish especially for dogs!

Even Charlie got a gift and it’s not his birthday!

Mom went to work then, but when she came home I had another surprise!

A sausage birthday cake!


It had meat inside and sausages round it with cream cheese and treats on top!



It looked and smelt delicious and I felt like the most lucky greyhound on the planet!!


I could hardly wait for my slice!!! In fact I didn’t wait! I was eating it before it even hit my bowl!

It was delicious! Me and Charlie ate a huge slice each. Then I had a toy off Charlie and a bright pink feather boa off Mom!


Charlie got a collar and lead from Sammy in America, so I got him to model it for me!


I can honestly say that I think this has been my best birthday ever! Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes, it has made today very special.


Anicura Bath Time

A few weeks ago, I had a lovely email asking if I would care to do a review for some dog skin care products. It’s not something I would normally do, but it was very good timing, as it happens. (Also I was a little bit influenced by the fact that their CEO is a dog called Bella)

You see, I have a slightly embarrassing problem. I hate to admit this, because ‘perfection‘ is my middle name after all, but I do have a bit of an issue at the moment! My elbows, and my armpits get a bit scaly, dry and itchy.

There, it’s out in the open!

My name is Bella and I have dandruff!

So I said yes please, I thought that as Anicura is totally free of any nasty chemicals and is “Pure and Natural”, I would give it a go.


I have to admit I was a little nervous. As you know, I hate baths, and this would involve getting wet. But I am a brave houndy, and I have my shiny reputation to keep up so I gritted my teeth and went for it!

A few days later, my package arrived.

There was a bottle of shampoo, and a spray. I had a sniff, and was rather relieved that it didn’t smell of flowers! (There’s nothing worse than smelling of flowers)

That evening, I plucked up the courage for my upcoming ordeal. The only consolation for me, was that Charlie was going to have a bath too, although he didn’t realise this at first.


My bath was awful.

I can’t pretend I enjoyed it. However it could have been worse, the shampoo smelt okay and it didn’t sting my eyes. Moms only complaint was that it didn’t lather very much, so she had to use quite a lot.

Afterwards, I shook all over Dad, and had a rub down with a nice soft towel. Then it was Charlies turn.

I don’t think he was impressed.


Once I was rubbed dry, I was relieved to see that I was still as shiny as ever, and didn’t smell too bad either! It’s hard to describe the smell, oily? Herbs? Fruit? I’m not sure!

The next morning Mom brushed me and then put some of the spray on. To be honest, my skin was feeling better already but it was still a bit scaly.

However, a week later, and after several applications, it felt a lot better! Not all gone, but definitely an improvement. I think it’s working! My fur still shines, and it feels really soft! That’s what the lady at the Dogs Trust Shop said too!

Yesterday I had another bath!


It wasn’t much fun but Mom says I have to keep at it for a week or three because nothing works overnight. The lady from Anicura did say that it could take up to three weeks to be completely better.

I’m not overly excited about having another bath next week but the spray is no problem at all and I’m getting to quite like the smell!

This is what they say

At Anicura we strive to make products that contain only the finest grade pure and natural ingredients from all around the world. We make sure to not use any artificial chemicals or pharmaceutical preparations such as cortisones, peroxides, parabens and paraffin. Our ingredients are especially chosen for their bio-scientifically proven ability to help your pet have a healthy skin.

All in all, I can honestly say that Anicura iseems to be working for me! My skin is less scaly already and it isn’t itching. It doesn’t smell too flowery (which is important to a houndy) and while I don’t like baths, the spray is easy. It sinks in well and doesn’t leave my fur looking greasy. Mom is happy too because it is natural, and it is not tested on animals! She worries about using chemicals on me for some reason!

And if Mom’s happy, I’m happy!


My Mini Holibob!

Mom had been promising us all week that we were going on a trip to see Mary. We like Mary, she is the lady who introduced us to Charlie!

It didn’t take too long to get there in the car, but Charlies constant whining made it seem longer. There was lots to look at on the way to distract him though, some huge wind turbines that made a loud noise as we went past, and then some straw bales made to look like Minions!

They made Mom laugh!wpid-20150421_114858.jpg

The countryside was very pretty as we drove through Leicestershire but we were relieved when Mom said we were nearly there.

As soon as we arrived, we jumped out of the car, excited to see Mary!

(And to pee of course. Very important)

There were lots of other dogs there and they all came outside to greet us. I wagged my tail and greeted them all as dogs do, with a sniff all over.wpid-20150421_114909.jpg

Charlie wasn’t quite so keen on them.

He growled at one dog and then acted all surprised when he growled back!

Silly boy!

He was pleased to see Mary though. I’m sure he remembered her, because when she picked him up he gave her a real happy cuddle. She was very happy to see Charlie too of course and made a big fuss of him!

(He did settle down with imagethe pack eventually, but was grumpy one minute and a scaredy cat the next. I don’t think he liked the fact that he wasn’t the boss dog there. It confused him.)

We all played for a while, and then went in to explore the house. It was full of interesting dog smells, and I could even smell cat but I didn’t find one that day.

There were lots of dog beds and water bowls and everywhere I looked there was a dog! I thought it was heaven!


Ernie and Me.

At lunchtime me and Charlie went for a drive in Marys car. We picked up a curly dog and took him for a walk around his village. We even stopped at a cafe and had a nice cold drink of water.

We then drove to Ernies house and took him for a walk too. Ernie is a blue greyhound, and he’s very handsome! (I was a little taken with him to tell the truth!) We walked side by side around the village,

I have never walked so much in one day before, so I was exhausted when we got back. Mom and Mary took the rest of the pack for a walk, and I was happy to stay behind and have a sleep. Anna stayed with me.



That evening after dinner, I roached very happily on Marys sofa. Stych the puppy was very funny, he kept jumping on Mom and licking her face. Mom didn’t mind, but Charlie did!

He got very cross and told him off, I don’t think he liked the idea of anyone else cuddling our Mom. 

That night, as Charlie was being so grumpy, he got to sleep on Moms bed so he didn’t get into any trouble. I shared the kitchen with Riley, Stych and Daiseydoo as I didn’t want to sleep on my own. They all snored, but I was so tired, I fell straight into a deep sleep.

To be continued. …….

Making Plans.

Tomorrow it is Friday, the last day of the week that Mom has to work, and then she has a whole week off, to stay home with me Charlie and Dad! I am very excited about that.

We have plans. Lots of plans!


At least I do. I am going to guard the front door and refuse to let her out unless I am going with her! She does not have to go to work, so there is no excuse for her to anywhere I can’t go with her.

However, I will allow her out on Saturday afternoon, because it is Grandads birthday, and she is going out to dinner with him. to a restaurant where dogs aren’t allowed. And I might allow her to go to the supermarket to buy sausages. But that’s it.

If the weather is nice, we will go for lots of walks and play in the garden. Maybe even a picnic somewhere?

On Tuesday, we are going to visit a very, very good friend. The last time we saw her in person, was when we went on holiday, when we met Charlie and brought him home with us. Dad has said that we are not allowed to bring any more dogs home this time. Mom is not very good at doing as she is told though. (she would not make a very good dog)

I don’t think Mary has any homeless dogs at the moment, so Mom might just unintentionally do as she is told, which will irk her something terrible. Humans are silly!


While we are there, I will meet up with her beautiful furbabies again! We will have such fun, especially as she has a new puppy now!! He looks real sweet and I can’t wait to meet him. I wonder if Charlie will remember them all too? He lived with them for a few weeks so he should do. It will be lke a family reunion!

Also, Mary says she has a field, and she has promised that I will be able to run free! That will be wonderful, I can only really run free in the garden usually, as we don’t have anywhere big nearby that is fenced in.

After our road trip, we are hoping to have a few relaxing days. Mom might do some gardening while me and Charlie play, and supervise of course. It all depends on the weather, Mom says.Mom will probably get up early every day, for some reason she doesn’t mind getting up early when she’s not working, and we will have nice lazy breakfasts and cuddles galore!

So tomorrow will be a long day but when tea time comes and Mom arrives home, it will be heaven!


Charlie Has His Say Part 2 – Meeting Bella

This is part two of Charlies story, his version of when he met me and Mom, and then joined our family. He sees it a little differently to me of course, but here it is.

Hello again, Charlie here, supercute and handsome as ever. As I was saying the other day, before I was so rudely interrupted, we were all at the seaside, me, Mary and my new furfamily, when a car pulled up outside. Out stepped a lady with a smile!


I took one look and ran over to say hello. She fussed me and asked who I was, she spoke with Mary for a few minutes, and then she opened her car boot. Out jumped the biggest blackest hound I had ever met! She had very long legs, big brown eyes and very shiny fur. The new lady fussed her and introduced her to Mary, who also fussed her and acted as if she knew her!

‘Hmphh’ I thought, who is this creature?


The girl houndy came over to me and we sniffed politely. but I was immediately more interested in the lady! She said hello to Riley, who gave her her a good look over and let her know that he was boss dog, and then we all went for a walk along the grass to get to know each other better.

When we finally went indoors, the houndy, who I discovered was called Bella, was a little nervous, she treaded carefully, trying to find her place in the pack. She seemed to accept bottom spot very easily, so I didn’t really pay her much attention after that. However, the lady was nice, and so I kept trying to sit on her lap. I even growled at Bella when she tried to join in, but the lady put me down straight away and fussed Bella instead!!

Of all the cheek, did she not know about pack status??

Anyway, we spent the next few days together, playing on the beach, and getting to know each other. I liked the lady a lot, but Bella kept telling me that this was her human, and not mine! Silly girl!

The lady made a huge fuss of me, but still made even more time for Bella, and the other dogs too, it was very frustrating for me. We did have a great time though, Bella swam with Riley, and tried to cuddle Daisydoo, we even went into town together and had sausages! But all too soon, the holiday was over and the lady packed all of her things back in the car. I was going to be sad to say farewell to her.

But then I had a bit of a shock!

She packed me into the car too! I was very happy to be going with her, but I was also sad, because I thought that Mary was my Mom now. I liked this lady too of course but I was still a bit puzzled. However I was unfazed, I said goodbye to Mary and The dogs with barely a backward glance. 

We had a long, long journey home, me strapped onto the front seat, and Bella in the back. She fell asleep quite quickly, but I stayed awake all the way. If it hadn’t been for my infernal seat belt I would have curled up in my new Moms lap! I was beginning to get a bit bored with the journey, when at last we finally stopped. Mom climbed out and let Bella out of the back.

Then she got me out and carried me through the house and into her garden.wpid-20140816_113204-1.jpg

As I ran around exploring, Bella followed me, she seemed determined to show me around even though I made it quite clear that I didn’t want her to!

A man was sat on a chair on the patio, Bella ran straight to him and made a huge fuss. Not to be outdone, I jumped up on his lap and claimed him as my Dad.  Bella didn’t mind, and he seemed pleased, even though he said I looked like a rat!!!

I just knew right then, that this was going to be my Forever Home.

Over the following few weeks, Bella was very sweet, friendly and patient. Despite all my efforts, she has steadfastly refused to accept that I am the boss dog in this house, but at the same time she has not tried to be boss dog either! I’m not sure if she is stupid,  exceedingly clever, or just ignorant of my status.

But, it is working, it seems to make for a peaceful life!!

And the rest is history. YAP YAP YAP!


(PS from Bella…  I am exceedingly clever!  wink wink)