Bella’s World……

Hello and welcome to the world of me, Bella, a happy hound in possession of a sofa.

I am a black greyhound, who has been fortunate enough to have left the world of greyhound racing behind, to become a Pampered Pet.


I live in Shropshire now, in England with my Mom. And a cat called Miffy.

I also have a brother called Charlie, he came later and is a rather feisty Yorkshire terrier!

My story, Bella’s Adventures, starts from my early days in the kennels and is working it’s way up to the current day!!

I also write a little about how I feel about the world I live in, in My Thoughts.

I am very fond of Twitter and have made many new friends there.

I tweet almost every day and am happy to chat with anybody, humans and animals alike.
I also have my own Facebook page, I’m on Instagram, and I am on Pinterest too!

I love sleeping and cuddling my Human, but most of all I love eating.

I will eat almost anything but my favourite thing of all is sausages, as anyone who knows me will have discovered.

Some of my friends on Twitter have kindly agreed to tell the story of their own lives, which weren’t always as happy as they are now. These are featured in my Guest Blogs, and are well worth a read.

I hope you enjoy wandering around my website, please feel free to leave a comment if you like something, or even if you don’t.

Thank you


9 thoughts on “Bella’s World……

  1. Bella, i understand you were very fond of my grandson Rolo from Connahs Quay N Wales.
    His mum has told me about you and i love your pictures and blogs.


  2. Hello, my name is Ollie and I’m a greyhound too. I live in Stafford with my mum and dad, a cat called Sammy and a Yorkshire terrier called Bella. My mum and dad adopted me from Birmingham Greyhound Protection who rescued me from Ireland. I’m nearly three years old and black just like you.
    I wish I’d known you were going for a walk on Cannock Chase, I’d have come too, I went there last year on the Great British Greyhound Walk.


  3. Hi Bella, it’s your friend Misha here. Your blog is very interesting. My cat mum was rescued by Cats Protection. She was only about 4 months old & pregnant. Some kind people adopted her & when I was born they kept me as well. We lived with another cat & a tri-paw cat plus a Jack Russell. My mum used to bully me so I came to live with my new staff. I love it here as I’m the one & only Queen of all I survey. 😻

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