Summers Here!

Its the weekend, and I think summer has finally arrived! We had bright sunshine even when we got up at 6 o’clock this morning! And now it’s hot, real hot. I am in my element! I love summer!

The sun is shining up there

In a sky that’s wide and blue

No fluffy clouds to hide her

From the likes of me and you.

I lie here in my garden

Just soaking up her heat

Not moving till I have to

Then I get up on my feet.

I move into the shade a while

I sigh and lie back down

But soon that sun has followed me

I squint at her and frown.

OK, I’m getting hot now

Mom makes me go inside

To cool down in a shady spot

And from the sun I hide.

But when Mom isn’t looking

Back out there I will sneak

I can’t resist that warm soft grass

The pleasure that I seek.

They say mad dogs and English men

Go out in midday sun

But I’m a dog AND English

Excuses, I have none.

We do not get much heat like this

I mean to make the most

Of every minute that I get

Even if I roast!!


Bella x


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