Busy Busy Busy

As I am sure most of my friends and readers know, I am a typical greyhound. I conserve my energy, whenever possible, just in case one day I need it. I do believe that is why we adopted Charlie, just so that I could sleep more.

He quite likes to boss the birds around. In fact he likes to boss everyone around!! But he can only do so much.

This week, with the influx of new birds into our garden, I have had to help out. Its Moms fault, because she keeps tempting them into the garden with bird food.

Suddenly one guard dog is not enough!

So I have to help out! 

At first I found this annoying, I need my sleep and lots of it. 

However, I must admit that it is sometimes quite satisfying.  Charlie uses the noisy method.

He runs at them yapping

To be fair, it works well enough, but they fly away long before he gets anywhere near them.

I’ve developed a slightly different method of bird scaring which is much more satisfying.  

I walk slowly towards them, head down, without even looking at them. Then I silently and suddenly rush at them. 

They nearly jump out of their feathers!

It’s hilarious!!! 

They have got so used to me leaving it all to Charlie that I guess it’s a total surprise!!

However the other day I saw them having a chat on the birdbath. I’m sure I heard my name mentioned.

I hope they are not planning a revenge dive bombing session!

I will be keeping my eye on those two. 

Anyway, hopefully they will soon get the message that our garden is out of bounds. No birds allowed on our lawn anymore!

(There’s no way I can keep this up all summer). Im exhausted. 



12 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy

  1. I love this. Good strategy. You’re so shiny & pretty. I bet they’re jealous of your furs, that’s what they’re squawking to each other about. You’ve heard the term “bird brain” right! Not too bright if they think they can take on a Houndy!
    Love ya! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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