Charlie Got A Haircut

After Charlie’s little melanoma episode, he got a lot of extra fuss and treats, but now he is back to complete health, Mom decided it was time he had a haircut. As always we went to see Helen and Steph at Brackley.

Charlie looked quite pleased at the prospect, I think.

However I stayed at home, because the last time I went, I was tricked into having a bath!! That was not nice!

However, I think Charlie sees it as dance practice! He really has the steps, according to Steph, who had to dance the quick step with him this morning!

After a bit of a brush up, Charlie got in the bath. Then tried to get out of the bath….. then had a bath……

Meanwhile Bailey, the other dog being groomed today, was having a nice warm blow dry. He doesn’t look impressed.

  Charlie seemed to enjoy his bath……..

Or maybe I’m wrong…..

I’m still not sure.

He must have enjoyed the rub down with the towel though, even I like that bit! 

Either way, he danced his way through his haircut, doing the hokey cokey with Steph for quite some time, until he was finally finished.

Now, he smells like a girl, but looks gorgeous.

As usual.

Thanks Steph, lovely job.

I am so glad I don’t need haircuts.



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