Who Decides?

Today was a lovely day, warm and sunny. Apart from the short while Mom was out taking Charlie to the vet, we spent the whole day in the garden. And as always, when I lie in the sun, my mind wandered.

Who decides what’s right or wrong?
And who decides what’s fair?
It’s “people” make these judgements
For others in their care.
So does a dog have any say
On what it wants to do?
If it’s in need or hungry
Then it relies on you!
We wait for doors to open
We hope that we’ll be fed
We stare at you and try
To get the thoughts inside your head!
It doesn’t always work
Although we never give up trying
We try to make our feelings known,
(We are no good at lying)
But what if we have feelings
That we cannot explain?
If we have needs you do not see
And what if we’re in pain?
A bitch will want a puppy
Her body tells her so
If you decide to spay her
Then do those feelings go?
And if the pain becomes too much
And she feels it’s time to go
It’s you who makes the choice, not her,
How does she let you know?
I’m glad I’m not a human
With all this on my mind!
But if I was, I know that I
Would do whatever’s kind.

Cos dogs are like that.

I wish all humans were.


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