Todays Walk

Mom wasn’t feeling very well yesterday. She stayed home and we spent most of the day on the sofa. It was nice to have her there even if she did keep saying “shhhhh” to Charlie. 

This morning, she looked a bit brighter, but she was still coughing, and seemed a little sad and tired. She said she had a headache.

She kept looking at her phone too, as if it might ring, but it didn’t. Not once.

Anyway, after a quiet morning doing chores, Mom took us for a walk down to the park. Unusually for Mom, she talked to us all the way, not ‘behave Charlie ‘ or ‘stop pulling Charlie’ like she usually does, but almost like she was telling us a story!

It was nice! We walked for a long way, past the park and along the road Mom talking quietly to us all the way.

We didn’t see any other dogs, or any rabbits, but we did say hello to a few people who passed by, and one man even stopped to rub my ears.

It was a long, long ramble, going nowhere in particular, not in any hurry. It was warm and dry, and the birds were singing almost like it was summer.

It was lovely.
I don’t know why though, but it felt different to our normal walks, more relaxed and cosy, like we were somehow walking into a different kind of future. 

Does that sound weird?

Maybe it was all in my imagination

Or maybe it was Moms voice lulling me into a trance as we walked? Maybe that’s it, because even Charlie was quiet and well behaved!

When we finally got back, me and Charlie settled down for a nap, tired and happy. 

Mom seemed happier too, more relaxed and content as if she had made a decision in her head. She even whistled as she made her coffee.
I don’t know what changed today, but it feels like something did.

I’m going to sleep now.



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