Joey Helps Out…

This week, my friends, I had the most marvellous parcel arrive in the post! In fact I got very excited when I saw it because at first it looked like it might be for Mom!! But it wasn’t, it was for me!!

It was a box of DIY cupcakes especially for dogs from The Furry Chef! What a wonderful idea! 

I did wonder for a bit, how I could do it myself, as I don’t have opposable thumbs. Many good things in life require thumbs and this was a perfect example. 

However, after a little claw chewing, and a short nap, I checked out the instructions, and I thought, “You know what? I can do this without Mom!!” It looks easy enough, so I gave Joey a call. 

Joey is nearly four years old. He is a human, but a very small one, and he is blessed with two working thumbs and a sunny nature. He was very pleased to be asked to help, and came right over (with his Mum of course).

Joey can’t read yet, so I showed him the picture and explained what he needed to do. 

First, we got everything out of the box and mixed a load of stuff together.  Well Joey did. I watched carefully.

Mom had to add the egg and oil but mostly Joey did all of the work, under my close supervision of course. I watched as he added all of the ingredients and mixed it all together. 

There was honey and peanut butter and bananas and flour, all in little packets and neatly numbered. Very simple!! Joey mixed it and mixed it and then it was ready to cook.

It was not easy to get it into the little paper cases, I have to admit, and even those little thumbs struggled. So Mom helped us out.

Then they went into the oven. 

We waited.

And waited. 

It seemed like HOURS later, when they were ready but Mom says it was only 15 minutes. They smelled real good!! 

After they had cooled down, Joey put peanut butter on the top, and banana sprinkly bits! Charlie helped. 

Thank you to The Furry Chef for letting us try them out! We all had a lot of fun making them, and even more fun eating them!!

In fact we ate them too fast to get photos but I will post a video maybe tomorrow!




9 thoughts on “Joey Helps Out…

  1. Watching is one of the most important jobs in a kitchen and you did a good job of it. It looks like young Joey has all the makings of a celebrity chef! Do you think he would come to our house and make us some cupcakes?
    Monty and Chicken 🐾

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