Christmas Is Coming 

Christmas is just a few weeks away, and everywhere it is starting to look festive! There are trees in windows, lights twinkling, people wearing silly hats, and everyone seems to be smiling a little bit more than usual. 

There is something special about this time of year.

So Christmas is coming
And Mom is getting ready
I’m hoping for some turkey
And a nice new sqweeky teddy
Charlie wants a motorbike
I’m really not sure why
I don’t think he will get one
(I hope he doesn’t cry!)
I think he should be happy
With some treats and toys like me
And Turkey bits with gravy
And cuddles by the tree.

I wish that I could buy a gift
To show Mom that I love her
The gratitude I feel that she
Chose me and then my brother.
If houndies did have money
I would buy her all her dreams
Her festive Christmas stocking
would be bursting at the seams

But me and Chuck can’t do that
So we will just be there
To cuddle her and love her
And show her that we care

I don’t think she will mind

Merry Christmas !



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