Compassion. A Sad Poem

We hear a lot of stories of animals being rescued from terrible places and terrible people. Not all of them make it. Today I just wanted to give thanks that some wonderful humans have the compassion that others lack. How they go on, with the things that they see, I do not know.

For each one saved, how many are not?

The man looked at the snarling dog
And saw, despite the fear,
The blood encrusted on his face
One torn, one missing ear
The chain around his neck so tight
The sores were plain to see
He felt the pain as if his own
And knew what was to be.
The open wound across his chest
Was clearly past repair.
He wept, no shame for doing so,
His heart filled with despair.
This dog would not see out the day
His suffering must end,
He’d never know he could have been
A lonely man’s best friend.
He went about the task ahead
With tears on his face
Just grateful that this dog was
Safe now,
In a better place.

Fortunately for us, there are organisations like the RSPCA and Dogs Trust to save the ones they can.



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