Tonight  is the night that the ghosties and ghoolies come out to play and scare everybody!! I am not a brave soul, so I prefer to stay indoors where it is safe and quiet and there are no monsters!!!

It was a dark dark Halloween
And the houndy was afraid
The ghosts were out a-haunting
So in the house she stayed

A monster knocked upon the door
She hid beneath the bed
The knocking turned to howling
And she buried deep her head

But Charlie, being braver
Yapped loudly at the door
Then suddenly went quiet
Which scared poor Bella more

She raised her head a little
And crept to have a look
The door was slightly open
Poor Bella quietly shook

But worried for her brother
She bravely carried on
Determined to defend him
(Wherever he had gone)

The door creaked slowly inward
She heard a sickly crunch
She thought that maybe Charlie
Had become the monsters lunch!

But no, he had a cookie!
He smirked at her then laughed!
He licked his lips and ran inside
And said that hounds are daft!!




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