Where Does She Go?

Mom goes out every week day, apart from some Tuesdays, to do something I know nothing about. It is puzzling. I understand that whatever it is she does, means that she can go shopping each week, but that’s about it!!

What does it mean?

What does my mom do at work,
When she is gone all day?
What is so all important
That she has to stay away?
I’m sure she’d rather be with me
So we could hug and play!

I do not know why she goes there
And cannot stay with me,
Where is she? What’s she doing?
I wish that I could see
She goes right after breakfast,
And comes home for her tea!

I wonder if she thinks of me
I’d like to think it’s so
Because I think of her all day
Whenever she must go,
Thank goodness for the weekends
She loves them too, I know.

Maybe I could help? 

I’m sure I could earn some kibble somehow, so we could spend more time together. But how?

A Thoughtful Bella


12 thoughts on “Where Does She Go?

  1. yours too?! it is puzzling indeed. Sometimes she is very late and then we walk with hudad alone at 5.30pm and then sometimes she comes looking for us on the street. You can imagine how crazy we get when we see her on the street.

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