Why Oh Why?

I ate my meat and kibble tonight, as usual, while wishing my bowl was full of sausages and cheese and ham and, well, all of my favourite things instead. I don’t mind kibble, it fills me up, but it’s not quite the same as having treats. Now is it?

Why are the good things bad for you?
Like sausages and cheese?
And chocolate cake or pastries
Could you just tell me please?

Why cant it be the vegetables
That we’re told not to eat?
“Just steer away from cabbages
And stick to fatty meat.”

Tell me to “eat more sugar please,
You need your five a day,”
“Eat sausage rolls twice daily
To keep disease at bay”

Wouldn’t that be wonderful,
I think while eating kibble,
And thinking of the naughty foods
That I would like to nibble.

I sigh.

I guess I shouldn’t complain, lots of dogs have empty bellies, and would be grateful for my dinner. 



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