Day Trip 2016

Today we went on a day trip! It was a really, really long way in the car and Mom didn’t tell us where we were going, or who we were meeting, until we were nearly there!

We got in the car and Mom drove and drove for hours!! I settled down quite quickly but Charlie was a darned nuisance! 

He would not lie down!

He yipped and whined all the way there!! I rolled my eyes at him several times but he took no notice whatsoever.  Typical Charlie. 

But eventually we arrived, in  Church Stretton. 

We had gone back to the small town where Mom had grown up, in Shropshire. We parked at Cardingmill Valley and to my surprise, met Uncle Tony and Grandma!

After a very happy hello, we went for a walk, carefully checking out the signs before we started!

We walked beside a pretty little stream, and despite my dislike of water, I bravely went for a closer look.

It was wet.

Charlie was braver, and went for a paddle!

After our walk, we got back in the car and drove up into the hills. This was the Long Mynd, a “place of outstanding natural beauty”  according to Mom.

She was right. (As usual)

We had an amazing picnic!

Uncle Tony and Grandma had made all kinds of wonderful things to eat, including kangaroo sausage rolls! (Which unfortunately I did not get to taste) It all looked and smelled delicious and we watched hungrily as they all ate.

As we were so good (said Grandma) we got sausages!

It was very hot up there, and very windy! It didn’t seem to bother Charlie much, but I got to lie under the parasol to stay cool! I felt like a princess!

After we had all eaten, and the humans had chatted, we went for a little walk. It really was very pretty there, and there were lots of fascinating things to explore. 

A while later, we all got back into the car and went down into the town. Church Stretton isn’t very big, but Mom said it brought back so many memories that she loved every minute of the visit.

We found a pub that had a lovely garden, and where well behaved dogs were welcome, the peeps had a drink and we got fussed. A lot.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day out. We had all had a lovely time.

It was a long drive back, and we were very pleased to eventually arrive home. 

Thanks Mom.



8 thoughts on “Day Trip 2016

  1. Wow, that sounds like a great day. Well, except for Chuck’s yapping in the car! It looks like such a peaceful & beautiful place. What a great trip for Mom to take you on. Great pictures. And yes, you are a Princess. That parasol was brought for you! Love ya! xoxo

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