Charlies Special Day

Today is special. It is exactly two years since we brought Charlie home to live with us! Two whole years! Hardly seems possible, where has the time gone? It’s hard to believe, because it feels like he has always been with us.

Today is Charlies Gotcha Day

And tho he’s being yappy

We’re going to give him treats

Because we want to make him happy.

I’ll share my special sausages 

Which really goes to show

I love the scruffy munchkin

(But please don’t let him know)

I’ll let him win at racing

As we chase the birds away

And let him have the sofa

If he doesn’t want to play.

I’ll let him be the boss for once

Pretend for just one day,

Cos he’s my little brother

And he is here to stay

Happy Gotcha Day Charlie.  X

(Back to normal tomorrow)



12 thoughts on “Charlies Special Day

  1. So sweet BELLA. U r the best but for today he can be. And yes it was just a couple weeks b4 my mom came to ur house. 2 whole years. WOW!!!!!!! Happy gotcha day Charlie(Chuck)

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