Sorry Charlie 

I think I upset Charlie today, I didn’t mean to, honestly, it was completely unintentional. It’s because I’m a hound and he’s a terrier I reckon. But I think he may have thought a few rude words after spending all afternoon in a cupboard. Not my fault.

Today was such a lovely day

That Charlie asked if I would play

Sure I said, old Charlie boy,

I’ll think of something, you’ll enjoy

But as I was about to speak

Up piped Charlie “Hide and Seek?”

OK I said, that’s fine by me,

I will count to fifty three.

You go find somewhere to hide,

And off he ran, somewhere inside.

I closed my eyes and thought of sheep

And as I counted, fell asleep.

(I’m a hound!! Of course I fell asleep)

 I do not know how long it was

But quite a while I think because,

When I awoke I felt the stare

Before I even saw him there.

I can’t repeat the words he said,

Just think *** ***** inside yer head.

He sulked for ages.

Sorry Charlie.



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