At WoofstockUK a while back, Mom bought me a WOOF bed.  I like it, and it’s perfect for dragging outside on the patio when the weather is hot and there’s no shade on the grass.

It is very big, but I seem to have a common greyhound problem. Bedfail.

I have a bed that’s nice and big

There’s room for more than one.

But even though I try quite hard

I cannot all get on!

My head will slip off sideways

Or wriggle off the end,

The bed shrinks in a weird way

I cannot comprehend!

I place my bum quite firmly

in the middle of the bed,

But when I stretch out comfortably

There’s no room for my head!

It seems to be a problem 

That greyhounds must endure,

An untreatable condition,

That has not got a cure.

Occasionally I manage it

If I strike quite the pose,

But mostly it is bedfail.

So shush, I need to doze.

One day, with practice, I will get it perfect every time. But not today!



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