At The Groomers

Today was the day that Charlie was due to go to the groomers. He has to go quite regularly as his fur grows really fast. But today was different.

Today I went too.

Mom said that it was because I needed to have my claws trimmed. This I knew was true, because they were getting a bit long and it seemed fair enough to me.

However, it was what she didn’t say that I am a little bit annoyed about.


It all started as usual, Steph clipped Charlie and then he was put in the bath. I laughed, I must admit. He does look funny all wet and drippy.


Then he had his funny pink calming hood put on while Steph dried him.


He doesn’t look quite the big man he thinks he is, with that hood on. In fact he looks like a girl!

BUT. Then came the shock.

Helen asked me to get in the bath!!!!

Obviously I did as I was told because I am a good girl, but I was not at all happy! I hate baths!


To be fair, the water was warm, and Helen was very gentle, but all the same, it was still a bath!

Mom pretended not to notice the look I gave her, but I’m sure she saw.


Afterwards I shook on her.

Serves her right for tricking me I thought! I stood patiently while my nails were clipped, but I refused to look at Mom, all the way home in the car.


She tricked me!

I wasn’t best pleased, but I soon forgave her as she shared her lunch with me when we got home and Charlie does look a lot less shaggy.

But I now smell like flowers.



PS there is a cute video of Charlie in the bath that you might like. It’s on Vine, here’s the link – Charlies bath


12 thoughts on “At The Groomers

  1. Aww Bella, your mom is very sneaky. I hate baths too, mum stands me in the garden for mine so I always run away in the middle of them and then shake all over her when she catches up with me bol.

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  2. Chuck looks cute but silly with his pink head wrap! BOL You don’t look happy, but I know it’s not that bad. Mom takes us to our spa once a month. We’re ok with it. You look shiny & pretty. We love you. xo

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