Sausage Question

I have an issue regarding proper english sausages. It may not concern some people much but being a houndy with a sausage addiction, it concerns me greatly.


A sausage is for eating,
Surely this is true!
One it’s cooked and smells divine,
It should be mine to chew!

So why oh why I ask you,
Does Mom just give me one?
And put them in the fridge instead
Of eating till they’re gone?

What is the point of saving them
For later, it’s a tease!
Why take up room inside the fridge
Which could be used for cheese!

A sausage is much tastier,
When it is nice and hot,
That meaty taste of heaven
Makes me want to eat the lot!

So stop the teasing human!
Don’t make me drool all day!
Just give me all the sausages,
Please Mom? Is that okay?




2 thoughts on “Sausage Question

  1. OHHH!!! You poor baby. I feel for you I really do. But you know, your mom means only what’s best for you. She’s trying to preserve your perfect & beautiful figure. If she gave you all the sausages every time she bought them … well then you would be eating a lot of sausages. Probably more than you should to maintain your impeccable beauty. She means well. But … She’s only human. And you have to consider that.

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