Is It Summer Yet?

For the last few days we have had lovely weather, it’s been warm and very sunny! I was almost convinced that summer had arrived at last! But Mother Nature has tricked me again!


The sun shone very brightly,
And made my black fur shine,
My foolish houndy brain believed,
This was the longed-for sign.

I thought that this was summer,
My favourite time of year,
I threw away my wellies,
Got out my summer gear.

But Mother Nature’s tricky,
And has a sense of fun,
She likes to catch us unawares,
She hid the flippin sun!

She did! She hid it suddenly!
I frowned and ran indoors,
Before the rain came suddenly
And wet my laydees paws.

So Mother Nature listen,
I do not find it funny!
I’d like you to get serious
And make tomorrow sunny.





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