The Logpot

Last summer we had a tree pollarded. You may remember the blog I did at the time? Anyway, we had a big pile of logs left over, and this week Mom decided to use one to make a plant pot!!


This seemed very odd to me, because a log looks nothing like a pot. Nothing at all!! I was more than a little perplexed.

I watched with interest, as she chose a good log. There were plenty of straight ones, but for some reason she chose a wonky one! She said it was perfect. (Don’t ask me why because I don’t know)

She looked at it from all angles and then finally got out a really heavy hammer and a chisel and started hitting it!

It was extremely slow going!


I was not surprised, when after a short while she got frustrated with this, and got out her electric drill instead. She drilled lots of holes in it. Then she tried again with the chisel.

After a couple of hours and a few naughty words, (she is not an expert with a hammer), she gave up and put it away. She said her arms ached.


She hadn’t got very far, I thought!

The next day she tried again. And the next day too. It seemed a lot of effort to me, for a plant pot! But at least I could lie on the grass in the sunshine and watch her, which was very pleasant.

Eventually she said she had done enough. I came and inspected it, to make sure I was happy with it too.


It wasn’t a very big hole, and it still didn’t look like a plant pot to me, but she seemed happy enough with it so I let her stop.


She drilled some holes from the bottom of the ‘pot’ to the outside of the log. She said that this was so the water could escape.

Then she put some little stones in the bottom and filled it up with that clean-smelling dirt from a big bag.

It still looked like a log to me!

However, once she put some plants in the top, it looked surprisingly pot-like! A log shaped pot, I have to say, but not bad.


I said that she could have just bought a pot, but she said that this one was special because she had made it herself.

Things have more value if you have to work hard for it, Mom said. I guess that’s true!

I hope she doesn’t begin to expect me to work harder for my treats so I enjoy them more!!




14 thoughts on “The Logpot

  1. Wow Bella your Mum has made a fantastic job of her log pot, I absolutely love it… She did work very hard. You must be very proud of her and I’m absolutely sure she won’t make you work harder for your treats… You deserve every treat you get xx

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  2. You have a logger in the famly now, Bella. And a lovely flower log.
    To tell you the truth, whatever I swipe off the counter when Mom ain’t looking, is quite sweet.
    Treats are oh so sweet, no matter the origin or effort. ❤️Paco🐾🐾

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