I had a scary dream today. Just a few years ago, dogs didn’t use mobile phones at all! (Hard to imagine) A lot of humans didn’t either, and I guess there are still some who don’t.

I would be lost without mine!


A nasty thing occurred today
I dreamed I’d lost my phone!
Could not get on the internet
And it made me feel alone.

I know my Moms here with me
And Dad and Charlie too,
But even so it scared me
‘Cos I couldn’t talk to YOU!

I couldn’t get on Facebook
Or Instagram to see,
What everyone was up to
And what you’d had for tea!

I could not share my photos,
And tell you ’bout my day,
Write poems on my website,
Or laugh at you in play.

I couldn’t read your comments
Or see where you have been,
Watch funny little videos
Of silly things you’d seen!

I couldn’t message Grandma
To see how she is feeling,
Or even take a picture
Of that spider on the ceiling!

I really didn’t like it,
So when I woke and found,
That it was just a nightmare,
I was a happy hound!!

How does anyone manage these days without their phone?????

I have no idea!



6 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. So sweet and thoughtful, Bella. What a creative houndie you are! So glad it was just a bad dream.
    News from Oregon: yesterday my Mom put in our application to adapt a houndie! And thanks to you, I was able to convince her what a brilliant idea it is.

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