The following story is completely fictional, any similarities to any real hounds is purely coincidental, all names have been changed to avoid any embarrassment.



Once I knew a pretty hound,
I think her name was Bella,
And what she wanted most of all,
Was a special houndy fella.

She thought it would be easy
To meet a handsome hound,
Because on Social Media,
There were many to be found!

So many hounds to choose from,
Her head was turned each day,
She flirted with them all in turn,
(And some she scared away!)

But soon she hit a problem,
It seemed it wasn’t fated!
‘Cos every time she saw a hunk,
She found they were related!

It didn’t feel quite right to her,
A cousin for a mate!
And so she backed off long before
She even had a date!

And that was when she realised
She’d never know that “tingle”
Accepted that for this one girl
She always would stay single.

Poor girl.


Most English greyhounds are related! (See my Family Tree)


8 thoughts on “Fated

  1. So when Paco and I adopt an American Houndie this summer…❤️🐾❤️🐾 ?
    And there is a Yellow Labrador who thinks Bella is the Cats-Pajamas!

    Liked by 1 person

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