Your Choice

There are dogs in rescue centres all over the country, so many of them, all breeds, big and small, with their own reasons for being there. If we can convince people to rehome a dog, rather than to buy a puppy, how would they choose which one?

The man stood quietly for a while
Just listening to the cries.
The dogs, in pens before him,
Of every shape and size.

He listened, his heart aching,
As he leant against the wall,
Somehow he had to choose one
But he wished to take them all.

He started walking slowly,
Saw many wagging tails,
Heard stories of the sad neglect
And so many first-home fails.

(The stories were upsetting
But he listened, and he thought,
How could someone abandon
A puppy they had bought?)

And so he kept on walking,
Until finally he saw,
A small brown, wiry terrier
The one he’d come here for.

He knew it, when he saw him,
Laid sadly in his bed
No wagging tail on this boy
He barely raised his head.

It was his eyes that sealed it,
The eyes that looked away
Then glanced at him so shyly
“Not me”, they seemed to say.

The man sat down beside him
And spoke in gentle voice,
“You are the one I want” he said,
“But you must make that choice”

He sat there for a long time,
Just talking, very low,
And finally the dog replied
“I’m yours, so let us go”


I’m sure it’s not that simple
But I think that you will find,
You’ll know him when you see him,
If you open up your mind.
Just like when I met my Mom.
And I left ‘that’ life behind.

There is a dog out there somewhere, who will make your family complete, you just have to find him.



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