My Babybel Geeraff

I was challenged to make a giraffe out of wax a little while ago by Babybel, the company that makes our favourite cheese, and who kindly supplied me with plenty of wax covered little cheeses, to make it with!

I was very excited by the challenge and got down to my cheese eating right away.


We ate the cheeses and saved up all the wax until we thought we had enough to start work.


Today I finally made my giraffe.

I have to say that I am rather proud of my creation.

The colour is obviously not right, I have never seen a red giraffe, but I think he has the right bits in all the right places.

I’m going to call him Geeraff.


I hope the kind people from Babybel agree with me, and are happy with the result!!


I’m not sure what we should make next. I still have some wax left and it’s fun!

Any suggestions?



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