My Paws Got Wet

Today we went to the big park, and I very bravely got a bit wet. Not as wet as Charlie, not as disgustingly dirty either, as he doesn’t seem to have worked out yet, that if you get dirty you have to have a bath!


Our walk started off okay. We stayed on the path, at least I did.

Charlie didn’t.


But then we met a big St Bernard called Woody, who rudely insisted on inspecting my bottom!


It was very wet by the River Cherwell but Charlie seems to like puddles and went straight through them! *rolls eyes


I did try to stay dry, but eventually I had to make a choice, puddles or mud.

I chose the puddles.


I did not enjoy it one little bit. I do NOT like getting wet, but I gritted my teeth and went for it.


I think mud has a strange effect on Charlie. He lost his head at one point.


We walked all the way around the park and I went bravely through more and more puddles until eventually we got back to the car.


The car got a little bit muddy too but Mom didn’t seem to mind too much.

When we got home, my paws soon dried, but Charlie was FILTHY!!! As I expected, he had to have a bath!!


Poor Charlie.

He he!

Altogether, we had a very nice weekend walk. Except for the puddles.

Video of me getting wet paws!
Click here
And Charlie all muddy!
Click here



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