Christmas Wishes

Well my friends, Christmas is over, and another year has ended. We start the new one together, full of expectations and hope, that the world will become a better place for all of us, dogs, and people.


Christmas came and went so quick
I missed the visit from Saint Nick!
He came while I was fast asleep
Even Charlie slept too deep!

When we awoke we saw he’d been!
More presents than we’d ever seen
Were lying underneath the tree,
Some for Charlie, some for me!

Mom opened them as we could not,
Got lots of things, we loved the lot!
They were some sqweeky toys for me
That made me happy as could be!

Charlie got some presents too,
Toys and treats and one fake poo!
We looked at it and giggled some
When thinking of the fun to come!

We played games as the dinner cooked,
(Which smelled as tasty as it looked.)
Then we had treats and food galore
Till even I could not eat more!

After that we slept a while
And as I woke, I saw Mom smile,
She too had had a lovely day
I know because I heard her say!

It was as great as a day could be
For Charlie, Mom and Dad and me.
Wish everyone could feel this way,
If only for one single day,
The world would see how life could be
If it was war and cruelty-free.

So be kind, be loving, be patient and understanding. Be nice to each other.

Be more dog.



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