If you think about it, the customs at Christmas are very strange. Santa Claus is the strangest of them all. As all good dogs know, we should not allow strangers to enter our home unannounced. Hmmmmm.

And yet……

Tonight is the night which we wait all year for,
When Santa comes round (but does not use the door),
If anyone else came a-calling at night,
We’d bark and we’d bark and we’d give him a fright!
But he isn’t a burglar, he leaves things behind,
Gifts for us all, which are easy to find.
We must go to sleep, or he won’t come to call,
He fits down the chimney (and ours is SO SMALL!)
As a thank you, we leave him a drink and mince pies,
And a carrot for Rudolf! A reindeer who flies!!!
Now logic would tell us, a reindeer can’t fly,
But he does! We all know it! But howcome? And why?
And how come some dog, who might not know the tale,
Has never bit Santa? (A huge Christmas #fail)
Even the scariest, growliest hound,
Would let Santa in, and not make a sound.
Anyone else, and we wouldn’t think twice,
But Santa is special, he’s ever so nice!

So tonight, I’ll be good and I’ll go straight to sleep,
And if he comes calling, I won’t make a peep.


Merry Christmas everybody xxxx



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