The Little Dog

We all know the Christmas story, the day it all began. There is no mention of dogs in the story of course, but I like to imagine that there was one there, maybe unseen and unheard. Doing what dogs do, and being part of it all.

This is what I like to believe.

The little dog stood on the street
And watched the pair with tired feet,
The woman was heavy and barely able
To make her way inside the stable.
They passed him by, unaware
That the little dog was even there.
But there he stayed throughout the night
Guarding that door until it was light.
He heard the groans and gentle sighs
And then he heard the babies cries.
He saw the shepherds come and go
Why he stayed he did not know,
But he felt the love which flowed around
Him as he stood on stony ground.
The little dog left in the morn
Not realising who’d been born.
He turned around and left that place
With satisfaction on his face.
He’d done his duty, it could be said.
He smiled as he lay down his head.

This may have happened.

Who knows?




6 thoughts on “The Little Dog

  1. Love this. Who knows, it may have been a greyhound. They were the dogs of the pharaohs and Kings around that time AND are the only dog mentioned by breed in the Bible. Aaahhhhh, another indicator that the story may be true.

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