Houndy Carols

It’s that time of year when Christmas is nearly upon us, cards start arriving in the post and the television is full of feel good movies! And this houndy starts singing!!

Oh I wish it could be Christmas every daaaayyyy
When the hound starts rooing and the yorkie starts to plaa-aay 🎶
Oh I wish it could be Christmas every daaayyyy
Let the hounds rooo out for Christmas!


Deck my bowl with loads of bacon
Falalalalaaaaaaa lalalala
Pigs in blankets we are makin
Falalalalaaaaaaa lalalala

Join the hounds as we sing loudly
Falalalalaaaaaaa lalalala
Wearing Santa suit so proudly
Falalalalaaaaaaa lalalala


Jingle Bells, hound fart smells,
People run awaaaayyy 🎶🎵
Hold their nose, until it goes,
It makes me laff all day, hey!

Jingle Bells, Charlie yells,
Yap yap yap all dayyyy
Oh what fun it is to watch
The postman run away, hey!


Roooing around the sausage tree
Have a houndy holidayyyy
Everyone singing merrilyyyyy
In the happy houndy wayyyyy


Good will to all men.

And to all creatures Who need a little extra help.

Away in a shelter,
With crates for their beds,
The sad homeless doggies
Lay down their sweet heads,

The staff at the shelter
Look down where they lay,
And pray some good people
Will love them one day.

We hope you little doggies,
Don’t wait long on your own,
Find a family to love you
And a home of your own.

Merry Christmas



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