The Real You

People, by which I mean humans, have a distorted view on what really matters. This I truly believe. They judge beauty by what you look like, wealth by what you earn, and status by what you have.

I see things differently.


I don’t see if you are fat or thin,
If your skin is dark or fair,
I see through all that nonsense
As if it isn’t there.

I don’t care if you’re rich or poor,
Your house is big or small,
If you have the best of everything,
Concerns me not at all.

I don’t mind if you’re educated,
And have a fine degree,
Or learnt of life the hard way,
It matters not to me.

You may be young or very old,
You’re healthy, or you’re not,
You work real hard, or not at all
I do not care a lot.

Because I see what matters,
The “you” that lives inside,
The bit that makes you who you are
From me you cannot hide.

Your eyes describe your feelings,
For those who know to look,
Your soul is there, plain to read,
Just like an open book.

Whatever path you choose to walk,
What hand you’re dealt to play,
Your dog will see through all of it,
And love you anyway.

No one is a failure, if they are loved.



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