Sleep Safe

How do wolves sleep? Do wild dogs feel as safe and secure as I do? Or do they curl up into a little defensive ball and sleep with one ear to the ground? Is it just dogs with homes who feel safe enough to sleep defenseless?


I sleep laid on my back
With all four legs up in the air,
My hairless belly showing
Like I haven’t got a care.

I’ll roach upon the sofa,
Or in my favourite chair,
I might be on my bed or rug,
I’ll do it anywhere!

I know no one will hurt me
In this place I call my own,
No matter if there’s visitors
Or if I’m here alone.

I’ll leave my chest defenceless
My heart completely bare
Because I know I’m safe here,
I sleep without a care.

I know that not all safe and happy dogs sleep like I do, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel safe, we all have our own little ways of showing that we know we are loved.


I just wish that all dogs had the same comforts and security that I do.



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