What’s Important

I did a survey on twitter this week, asking people and dogs the question : “What is most important to a dog?”

As I expected, the result was split between treats and cuddles, (as they were the only two options it had to be) but cuddles came out on top.


I know that dogs are, in general, very food orientated, as I am myself. And like a lot of the most pampered pooches, I feel very secure in my Moms love for me.

Most days, I can be distracted quite easily from cuddles, by the mention of a sausage or a cookie.

Because I know that I am loved, I will go for the sausage every time, knowing full well that I can get cuddles later, as many as I want in fact.


If I had to choose between a life without sausages or a life without cuddles, there is no doubt in my mind which I would choose!

To people who know me, you may find it surprising to learn that I could live quite comfortably without sausages!!!


So many, who have yet to find love, will search for something, finding pleasure briefly in a sausage, a sqweeky toy, or a game of tag. But nothing can compete with finding a Mom (or Dad) to love.


Cuddles, pawhugs, a chin rub from a loving hand, once you have known them, are the most satisfying of all pleasures, and extremely difficult to give up.

Ask any rescue dog!!

It is wonderful to feel safe and warm, and to be fed regularly in a rescue centre, but nothing compares to a home, a family, and most importantly, cuddles.



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