Again, Why?

I wrote this blog back in November after bad things happened in Paris. Since then, so many things have happened around the world to so many innocent people, by a few insane ones. I say insane, because in my mind, they must be. I can see no rational reason for anyone to do what these ‘people’ do.

Why do Humans Hurt Each Other?

I watched the news with Mom this morning, and watched her get upset, yet again, by what some people did to some other people, people they didn’t know, had never met, and knew nothing about.

I don’t understand why.

If you know someone, and have reason to hate them, then yes, it could have some rational, if unpleasant explanation.

If a man had hurt your child, or had stolen something you valued, I could almost understand a rush of anger making you strike out against that person. Like a dog might bite someone whom it is scared of, or feels threatened by.

But to kill people who are not the ones that hurt you? Just to make a point? How is that rational or forgivable? How do they justify that?

The only creature on earth with the power and intelligence to make this planet safer and better for everyone, is the same creature that causes terror. 

Human beings.


I am so glad I am a houndy. My conscience, at least, is clear.

I do not have the will, the hatred or even the ability to do so much damage to so many. I have the capacity for love, and forgiveness, that some humans seem to be incapable of.

If only humans could learn from animals.



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